Beat Stress - One Cup of Tea at a Time

Beat Stress - One Cup of Tea at a Time

Everyone is affected by Stress.. in one way or another

We all take our fair share of stress every single day – though with varying amounts. How we react to stress depends entirely on our mental focus and our physical well being.

Two things usually happen when we are faced by stress – one, our whole day gets affected negatively, taking away our productivity and positive mood; or two, we laboriously go through all the rigors of our day, and slowly but surely finish all our responsibilities at work and at home. 

Stress is many things to many people

Although many medical practitioners agree that physical stress affects human behavior, they also agree that the more intriguing and complicated type of stress occurs between the ears. Mental stress, caused by undesirable environmental conditions, personal problems, work issues and more plagues people young and old. And with globalization, social media, and the World Wide Web making us more and more interconnected, expect stress to play an even bigger part in our everyday lives.

Beat Stress with Chamomile Green Tea

Thankfully, what you drink might give you a better fighting chance against stress. Specifically, healthy drinks such as Chamomile Green Tea help you deal with the S word! Here are the straight facts which might come in handy!

  1. Stress is the precedent of other more serious ailments (i.e. cancer). So it is best to nip it in the bud. Chamomile green tea is perfect to help relieve anxiety. It also has a widely accepted reputation in relaxing nerves – aiding people deal with depression.
  2. Polyphenol protects your liver from toxins. Your liver is a primary victim of mental stress, as many people resort to drinking and overeating when stressed.
  3. Fighting the common cold? Drinking chamomile green tea just might help you! Give your immune system a much needed boost by drinking at least 5-6 cups a day.
  4. The blood-brain barrier, the space usually entered into by caffeine, gets a treat from green tea. This delicate barrier is protected by theanine, an amino acid found on chamomile green tea.
  5. Attention! Attention! Whether you work in an office, on your own business, at home, or anywhere else, focus is everything. Some people report they are more productive by at least 5 to 6 hours more when they drank tea.
  6. More on Depression: Beyond stress. As said, stress is an early sign of more serious conditions. Specifically, stress can pave the way to depression, especially among the elderly. It’s nice to know that four out of ten people who were showing depressive symptoms were able to fight through stress and remove any possibility of depression. All this for four to six cups.

Let’s face it

We live in a world where there will always be stress. And as we get more responsibilities and duties (whether at home or at work), the more we risk getting stressed out, or even worse – getting more serious sicknesses. It’s amazing what a few cups of Assamica Agro Chamomile Green Tea everyday can do to Protect yourself against this slow killer that we all know as stress.  

Chamomile Green Tea

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  • Surendra Bateja
    Surendra Bateja

    A good guide for planning and monitoring our health and activities

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    Rupjyoti Bora.

    Agree with your view .Pls share your communicating address with contact details .

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