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Aromatic Joha Rice

Short-grained Joha rice belonging to a distinct class of aromatic rice known for its sweet-scented aroma and taste.

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Aromatic Joha Rice

 Joha rice is traditional Assamese rice notable for its aroma and delicate taste. It is the sweet aromatic nature, delicate texture and excellent taste of the Joha rice that makes it unique and ideal for making fragrant pulao, delicious desserts like payash (kheer) and is the perfect match for a number of ethnic delicacies.

A special class of scented rice, it is completely different from the famous Basmati rice. It has a delicate texture and rich in anti-oxidant compounds. Studies have found Joha rice to contain proteins, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, carbohydrates and volatile oils. The rice has a high level of acetyl and pyrroline, which gives it a sweet aroma. It also has more multivitamins than any other variety of rice.

  • Contains essential amino acids or proteins that act as an excellent substitute and plant-based protein for vegetarians or vegans.
  • The flavonoids content of this rice have a wide range of pharmacological benefits and is known to protect against diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation and allergy. It is also said that the intake of food rich in flavonoid contents reduces the risk of certain cancers such as angiogenesis and cell proliferation activities.
  • Joha rice contains high potency of volatile oil components which gives the rice its multivitamin properties. 

Sonitpur, Assam

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