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Komal Saul ( Assam Instant Rice)

Healthy and tasty magical instant rice from organic paddy fields of Assam.

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Komal Saul ( Assam Instant Rice)

"Komal" means soft and "Saul" means rice is an instant food which has been very well entrenched in history. The processing is done manually in the villages where the rice is grown. The yield of the rice used in making Komal Saul is very poor and this makes the rice very expensive. The rice itself is a soft short-grain variant, which tastes similar to parboiled rice. It doesn’t have a distinctive flavour . It is popularly known as the magic rice of Assam. It is famous for its zero cooking characteristics and requires only the addition of warm water or sometimes even warm milk. It is often served in Assam during social and religious festivals mixed with banana powder and jaggery or potato mash and pickles.

To cook this rice, soak the grains in warm water for about 10-15 minutes or in cold water for 30 minutes and the rice will be ready to be eaten. Komal Saul is manually processed from Bora Saul, a variety of sticky rice. The transformation from Bora Saul into Komal Saul happens after the harvested rice is soaked overnight, boiled and then sun-dried, all within twenty-four hours. It is as versatile as regular rice and can be used for many dishes besides the traditional way of eating it. It is also preferred because it is light on the stomach and can be digested easily. Komal Saul contains just 4-5% amylose, as compared to the usual 20-25% in most of the regular rice varieties. This low content of amylose also makes the rice easily digestible, which is why this fragrant and puffy rice is light on the stomach.


Sonitpur, Assam

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