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Black Rice (CHAK-HAO)

Whole grain & unpolished traditional black rice from north east India with high nutritional value and dietary fiber.

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Black Rice (CHAK-HAO) (Traditional Rice from Manipur)

For centuries, black rice was forbidden for common people making it reserved for only Chinese royalty. However, black rice has always been part of various delicacies made in North East India. Black rice - Traditionally known as CHAK-HAO  in Manipur, black rice has emerged as a superfood in recent time due to its high nutritional value. 

Though black rice is nowadays cultivated in other parts of India as well, this black rice is darker and is having a special aroma and taste due to the soil condition and the pristine environment of northeast India where it is grown. Our black rice is Poireiton variety rich in antioxidants.

Black rice is gluten-free, gut-friendly, a natural cleanser, and is rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre. It is lower in calories but higher in protein content as compared to white rice. It is also a good source of iron, vitamins, calcium, magnesium,  zinc and many other nutrients. It is believed to lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even help in weight loss.

Sticky in nature, black rice is also suitable for making PORRIDGE, DESSERT and SWEET DISHES.

Rinsing and soaking the black rice before cooking will help to bring the cooking time down. As a general rule, black rice should be cooked with two cups of water to every one cup of Black rice, and it will need to cook for 20 to 30 minutes after soaking, or up to 60 minutes if you cook unsoaked black rice. Remember that the rice will double in volume once cooked. For one cup of rice two cups of water is sufficient if you are using the rice cooker. 

Note: There are some basic things to know about how to cook black rice. For one, black rice takes quite a bit longer to cook than white rice, about 60 minutes, though you can cut that cooking time down substantially if you soak it ahead of time ( at least 5-6 hours). For another, its black colour will stain, so be sure that you don’t let it come into contact with your clothes. When you wash Black rice you might see the water turns black. It is due to its naturalness, as a little colour is naturally dispelled by the rice when washed.  Please don't rinse the rice vigorously but rather just dip the rice in water, drain and cook so that it's nutritional qualities keep intact.

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