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Assamica Agro brings the most natural & ethical tea to your doorstep by working hand in hand with a group of small organic tea farmers from Assam. Our farmers produce exclusively handcrafted teas through sustainable organic farming techniques i.e., without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticide or growth hormones to ensure you get to sip the healthiest teas without interfering with nature. Buy our organic teas to empower these small farmers with enhanced livelihood opportunities and improved living standards. Enjoy the tea experience while supporting the farmers who protect our planet for the next generations!

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30 percent off Green Tea
Delicious Green Teas

Delicious Green Teas

Fall in love with the smoothness of a handcrafted organic green tea. Whole leaf green teas and mesmerizing herbal green tea blends.

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25 percent off Assam Tea
Exquisite Assam Teas

Exquisite Assam Teas

Taste the subtlety of a handcrafted Assam orthodox. Explore real organic loose leaf tea from Assam. Finest small estate organic Assam teas.

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20 percent off Herbal
Mesmerizing Herbal Teas

Mesmerizing Herbal Teas

Make your own herbal tea & herbal green tea blends. 100% Naturally grown and certified organic herbs from the pristine foothills Himalayas.

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Handcrafted Organic Teas

Handcrafted Organic Teas

The best teas available are always those that are handpicked and handcrafted. So why are there so many machine harvested and processed teas available? Because it is much cheaper to make them and they always come in large batches. Artisan teas could be considered rare, as they always come in small batches, need a lot of time and effort to be created, and come from carefully selected farms. There is a lot of effort to be put into producing organic teas, and making it also an artisan tea, is what makes it unique, exceptional and with a soul.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Thank you for the prompt service. I received the tea. Looks great and tastes great! I read more about your tea and sustainable farming practices and you seem like a company with strong values and integrity. I'm starting a small tea company and if all goes well I will order in larger quantities in the future. I look forward to working with you.

    Sara Lucia, Washington, USA

  • The package arrived safely, thank you, and I am just enjoying my first cup of your tea. I love it! Green and smokey and delicious. And such good quality - no random bits of stalk, just perfect leaves slowly unfurling in the water. Thank you again for all your help and also for the free samples, which I am excited to try.

    Carolyn Hay, Spain

  • The package arrived completely intact so please thank your shipping crew as they do a wonderful job. Thank you so much for all the extra tea samples! Finding your tea is a very happy thing for us. I ordered from you because of your commitment to organic practices, and we were very concerned about pesticide and heavy metal residues in Chinese green teas. I am confident that we will be repeat customers!

    Lucy Gray, Virginia, USA

  • It is the first time I have tasted a handmade tea from Assam. You sent me a few samples and thank you so much again! I tasted one KANOKA. Oh my ! It's delicious!!! I've picked the tea up and I'm at home drinking your exquisite Assam, this is pure gems! I'm glad, this is blissful. Thank you so much to you and all the farmers !

    Fortunato D'Orio, France

  • I am so impressed by the 2nd flush Kanoka tea. I knew it would be better than any other Assam tea I had tasted up to now, but I purchased it primarily for some of my customers. I, myself, have always preferred the China varietal--Keemun Hao Ya A has been my morning breakfast tea of choice--that is, until now! I never imagined that I would switch, but I have, and I don't see me changing any time soon.

    Frankee Muller, ITMA Certified Tea Master, USA

  • The teas all safely arrived today in excellent condition, thanks for the fantastic packaging. I found the tippy black tea very impressive with a nice well balanced taste with the classic Assam characteristics. I also tried one of the green teas and was impressed by it's clean balanced taste and low astringency which I've rarely come across in Indian green teas. Thanks again for the fantastic tea.

    Alistair Rea, Tea Reseller, UK

100% Certified Organic Teas

A select range of our organic green tea and Assam tea products are available in 100% certified organic retail packs ready for distribution in retail chains. Every box is freshly packed and dispatched from our organic tea farm in Assam. Get in touch for distributorship opportunities for your area.