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Assamica Agro brings the most natural & ethical tea to your doorstep by working hand in hand with a group of small organic tea farmers from Assam. Our farmers produce exclusively handcrafted teas through sustainable organic farming techniques i.e., without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticide or growth hormones to ensure you get to sip the healthiest teas without interfering with nature. Buy our organic teas to empower these small farmers with enhanced livelihood opportunities and improved living standards. Enjoy the tea experience while supporting the farmers who protect our planet for the next generations!

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Premium Collections

Exotic White Tea

Exotic limited edition organic white tea leaves from Assam with a smooth feeling.

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Lavish Green Blue Tea

Lavish Green Blue Tea

Made of Butterfly blue pea flower and organic Indian green tea, this blend comes with a classic lavish style.

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Salubrious Stevia Green Tea

Perfectly balanced mix of organic Indian green tea with Stevia to rejuvenate your body.

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The best teas available are always those that are handpicked and handcrafted. So why are there so many machine harvested and processed teas available? Because it is much cheaper to make them and they always come in large batches. Artisan teas could be considered rare, as they always come in small batches, need a lot of time and effort to be created, and come from carefully selected farms. There is a lot of effort to be put into producing organic teas, and making it also an artisan tea, is what makes it unique, exceptional and with a soul. You need to have a heart. This is exactly why handmade teas are more valuable from machine harvested and processed. Are we letting world to lose its heart? So, what is the difference? Why should we care?

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