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Queen of Assam

Robust organic Assam tea with strong flavor and chocolate aroma.

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    100% Organic Certified By

    Organic Assam black tea

    If tea perfection had a name, it would share the name of this orthodox Assam gem. This tea is not only a joy to drink but an experience for eyes as well. We dare to say this is the most beautiful tea in our collection, with elegant and full unbroken leaves and buds, so much different from broken pieces usually found among Assam tea. Brilliant golden ring on the brim of your cup and deep full character will intoxicate you with its beauty. Dry leaves offer strong fruity aroma that develops into full-bodied and well-rounded robust malty brew with chocolate and molasses layers. It will leave a bit of tangy feeling at the tip of your tongue that will soon change into a sweet aftertaste. Organically grown, handcrafted by small farmers and exclusively brought to you for pure enjoyment.

    Queen of Assam - Organic Black Tea


    Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP) 




    Full-bodied, deep, robust flavour, malty, molasses and chocolate notes, dry finish and lightly sweet aftertaste.


    Spellbinding and awakening. 

    • Water temperature: 90-95º Celsius
    • Dosage: 2.5-3 grams of tea
    • Amount of water: 150-200 ml
    • Re-steeping: 3 times
    • Steeping time: 4,5,6 minutes

    We suggest you always use freshly boiled water cooled down to the proper temperature. Use suitable teaware and cover the teapot or teacup when brewing. To discover the delicate subtleness of each tea always follow the instructions, and feel free to experiment with dosage, time, or temperature when you get accustomed to tea. Higher temperatures, larger amounts of leaves, and longer steeping time will result in stronger tea with more astringency. You can add sugar, lemon, or milk to your tea, but we suggest that you try it straight first to enjoy it to the fullest. 


    Every time you need some tea beauty and strong Assam flavors.


    2nd Flush, 2023


    This tea is produced as per India's National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) standards.

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