Organic Green Teas (Loose)

Rejuvenate with whole leaf organic green teas from Assam carefully blended with mesmerizing natural herbs from the foothills of the Himalayas. New to green tea? We have a Green Tea Samples Combo product if want to first try and see which blend clicks best for you. 

Lavish Green Blue Tea

75.00 INR 240.00 INR

Assam Green Adventure

65.00 INR 140.00 INR

Chamomile Green Sunshine

65.00 INR 160.00 INR

Ginger Lemongrass Green Revive

55.00 INR 130.00 INR

Tulsi Green Sensation

45.00 INR 120.00 INR

Turmeric Green Savour

55.00 INR 150.00 INR

Green Lemongrass Flare

45.00 INR 120.00 INR

Mint Green Exposure

45.00 INR 120.00 INR

Rose Green Allure

45.00 INR 130.00 INR

Organic Green Tea

129.00 INR 130.00 INR

Royal Jasmine Green

75.00 INR 210.00 INR

Ultimate Green Combo

279.00 INR 290.00 INR

Green Explosion Combo

549.00 INR 650.00 INR

Flowery Rose Oolong

65.00 INR 200.00 INR

Hibiscus Mint Green

65.00 INR 120.00 INR