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Buy multiple blends of our teas together and save money! Featuring organically grown Indian teas and herbal blends in combo packs. 


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Loose Organic Green Tea Leaves - Combo

Green Explosion Combo

Rs 549.00 INR Rs 650.00 INR

Our Green Explosion Combo is a carefully made selection of purely organic Assam green teas and herbs perfect for any occasion. From warming and refreshing pure loose leaf green tea with the unique Assam character to masterfully blended flavorful herbal explosions, this combo offers a tea for any time of the day or season. Whether you need a bit ...

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Organic Herbal Tea Combo

Lively Herbal Combo

Rs 469.00 INR Rs 550.00 INR

If you ever wanted to experiment with making your own tea blends, we have a perfect solution for you – Lively Herbal Combo. This set includes five basic organic Indian herbs perfect for blending with both organic loose leaf Assam black tea and green tea, and are purely enjoyable on their own. From soothing Rose Delight to reviving Lemongrass Ver...

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Bold Assam Combo

Bold Assam Combo

Rs 399.00 INR Rs 500.00 INR

Four outstanding organic Assam black teas make Bold Assam Combo our favorite of all combos. This selection was created to give you the opportunity for exploring real organic loose leaf tea from Assam like you have never experienced so far. We like to call this combo "Assam in small" as it will give you the opportunity to taste the true boldness,...

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Herbal tea samples combo

Ultimate Herbal Combo

Rs 319.00 INR Rs 375.00 INR

Our Ultimate Herbal Combo is a must for all organically grown herbal tea lovers. This combo features all of our seven finest Indian tisanes in sample sizes. We believe the healing power of nature should not be reserved for a single tisane. This colorful mix is here to naturally heal you when you feel under the extreme stress, soothe you when you...

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Loose Leaf Black Teas

Black Entwined Combo

Rs 599.00 INR Rs 770.00 INR

Black Entwined Combo features four different pure and organic Assam loose leaf teas, one organically grown dreamy Darjeeling tea and a finely balanced English Breakfast blend made of the finest organic Indian gems. We wanted to offer specially crafted artisan tea combo where Assam and Darjeeling will meet in the most natural and flavorful way po...

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Loose Organic Green Tea Leaves - Sample Combo

Ultimate Green Combo

Rs 279.00 INR Rs 290.00 INR

Ultimate Green Combo features all of our organic Assam loose leaf green tea blends and one pure organic Assam green tea. We created this combo for the adventurous and playful tea drinkers to explore the versatility of flavors and amazing blending opportunities of Assam green tea. Sample sizes are convenient to give enough insight into the advent...

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