Black Teas

Assamica Agro's loose leaf Black teas are naturally grown on its associate small scale organic tea estates of Assam and Darjeeling. Our growers use only organic tea cultivation practices to grow the tea leaves and then hand-process the leaves to produce high quality specialty black teas. Try the unique taste and flavour of a handmade loose leaf black tea

Queen of Assam

Rs 55.00 INR Rs 130.00 INR

Organic Assam Tea (Chai)

Rs 169.00 INR Rs 170.00 INR

Classical Morning Delight

Rs 65.00 INR Rs 150.00 INR

Kanoka Summer Breeze

Rs 35.00 INR Rs 110.00 INR

Black Wellness Tea

Rs 55.00 INR Rs 220.00 INR

English Breakfast Tea

Rs 65.00 INR Rs 140.00 INR

Delicate Dreams of Darjeeling

Rs 65.00 INR Rs 160.00 INR

Black Entwined Combo

Rs 599.00 INR Rs 770.00 INR

Organic Assam Tea (Indian Chai)

Rs 189.00 INR Rs 200.00 INR

Bold Assam Combo

Rs 399.00 INR Rs 500.00 INR

Organic Assam Orthodox Tea - 50g

Rs 119.00 INR Rs 125.00 INR

Organic Assam Masala Chai

Rs 55.00 INR Rs 260.00 INR