Herbal Teas

Rejuvenate your body & mind with 100% Natural & Organic herbal teas. Buy our herbal teas online along with our green or black teas and try making your own blends. You could also buy some empty cotton tea bags along with your favorite herbs and explore making your own herbal tea bag blends. 

Chamomile Radiance

65.00 INR 160.00 INR

Zesty Hibiscus

65.00 INR 140.00 INR

Lavender Luxury

65.00 INR 160.00 INR

Lemongrass Verve

45.00 INR 100.00 INR

Rose Delight

45.00 INR 110.00 INR

Tulsi Healing

45.00 INR 100.00 INR

Jasmine Queen

65.00 INR 210.00 INR

Mint Spark

45.00 INR 100.00 INR

Lively Herbal Combo

469.00 INR 550.00 INR

Ultimate Herbal Combo

319.00 INR 375.00 INR