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Are you running a tea business, cafe or restaurant and looking for some fresh and organic handcrafted teas for your clientele? Do you want to take a step further from offering generic mass-made teas from India? Do you care for human well-being? Are you searching for something different and unique? 

Learn about our wholesale option for buyers interested in our organic artisan tea. We offer fast shipping, fair prices, samples for eligible buyers and additional materials to make your business run easily and successfully. 


Assamica Agro is specialized in handcrafted, organic teas from Assam & Darjeeling, sourced directly from its associate small farmers. Our offer includes certified organic black Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, green tea and herbal tea, as well as naturally grown traditional rice from northeast India. We are offering you a whole variety of artisan loose leaf tea that has been produced on small organic farms. We work directly with farmers to provide you only the highest quality of tea leaves that can be found exclusively in Assamica Agro offer. At Assamica Agro, we use ancient Indian agricultural practices and wisdom, to cultivate tea in the most natural way.  


Assamica Agro is associated with a group of small tea farmers of Assam who have moved to organic tea cultivation and started producing their own teas. These small farmers produce some of the finest organic teas in the region. While there have been many controversies regarding the lives of Assam tea workers, Assamica Agro has been working towards raising the consciousness of tea drinkers and providing better wages for farmers. We put special attention into selecting our organic tea farmers. As a platform for these small tea growers, Assamica Agro is trying to pass unique organic teas directly to customers, instead to big factories. By connecting them directly with customers around the world, we are working towards providing a better and fair price for their handmade organic teas

Learn more about the importance of organic farming. 

Tea Wholesale - Organic Assam & Darjeeling Teas



Sometimes it may seem difficult to choose from so many tea varieties and tea leaves. We suggest that you determine the needs of your customers before making a purchase of larger quantities of tea. If you are not sure which leaf to choose, we will be happy to assist you in the evaluation process. We are offering black tea leaves of different classification, including loose leaf FOP, TGFOP and FTGFOP. 


Wholesale pricing and orders are available for tea shops, businesses and individuals who agree on buying the minimum wholesale quantity of tea. If you are considering opening a tea business, please feel free to contact us to get more information about our wholesale offer.

Wholesale offer is not open for individuals that wish to buy small quantities of less than minimum order quantity. 


Our minimum order quantity for wholesale is 5 kg. Larger quantities are available upon request. Please contact us to determine your specific needs. 


Once you send us an inquiry about wholesale orders and we determine your eligibility, you will receive a price list of our organic artisan teas.  


Samples of our teas are available for wholesale clients. Please keep in consideration that we need your full details to determine the purpose of your inquiry. Samples might be subject to further shipping charges.  


We offer worldwide shipping. Our shipping partner is FedEx and India Post. Whether you are in India or abroad, we can deliver our exclusive teas to your doorstep within 5-7 days. 


All orders will be packed carefully. Tea will be provided in sealed foil pouches of sizes varying from 2 kg to 5 kg, protected against external factors. 


For the convenience of our wholesale clients, we are able to provide all necessary additional information about our teas, which include:

  • harvesting information
  • brewing guides
  • product descriptions
  • photos

With providing additional information we want to make sure you will be able to fulfil the needs of your customers and give them the opportunity to learn about the authentic world of Assam tea. 


Payment is possible via Bank Transfer and PayPal.  


To determine the eligibility of our wholesale customers we will need to ask you for your information.

  • First and Last name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • Phone number
  • Business Registration Number ( optional)
  • Short Description of your business
  • Web site URL ( optional)
  • Which import documentations do you need  

Feel free to share with us your specific requirements and contact us for any additional questions.



  • Thank you for the prompt service. I received the tea. Looks great and tastes great! I read more about your tea and sustainable farming practices and you seem like a company with strong values and integrity. I'm starting a small tea company and if all goes well I will order in larger quantities in the future. I look forward to working with you.

    Sara Lucia, Washington, USA

  • The package arrived safely, thank you, and I am just enjoying my first cup of your tea. I love it! Green and smokey and delicious. And such good quality - no random bits of stalk, just perfect leaves slowly unfurling in the water. Thank you again for all your help and also for the free samples, which I am excited to try.

    Carolyn Hay, Spain

  • The package arrived completely intact so please thank your shipping crew as they do a wonderful job. Thank you so much for all the extra tea samples! Finding your tea is a very happy thing for us. I ordered from you because of your commitment to organic practices, and we were very concerned about pesticide and heavy metal residues in Chinese green teas. I am confident that we will be repeat customers!

    Lucy Gray, Virginia, USA

  • It is the first time I have tasted a handmade tea from Assam. You sent me a few samples and thank you so much again! I tasted one KANOKA. Oh my ! It's delicious!!! I've picked the tea up and I'm at home drinking your exquisite Assam, this is pure gems! I'm glad, this is blissful. Thank you so much to you and all the farmers !

    Fortunato D'Orio, France

  • I am so impressed by the 2nd flush Kanoka tea. I knew it would be better than any other Assam tea I had tasted up to now, but I purchased it primarily for some of my customers. I, myself, have always preferred the China varietal--Keemun Hao Ya A has been my morning breakfast tea of choice--that is, until now! I never imagined that I would switch, but I have, and I don't see me changing any time soon.

    Frankee Muller, ITMA Certified Tea Master, USA

  • The teas all safely arrived today in excellent condition, thanks for the fantastic packaging. I found the tippy black tea very impressive with a nice well balanced taste with the classic Assam characteristics. I also tried one of the green teas and was impressed by it's clean balanced taste and low astringency which I've rarely come across in Indian green teas. Thanks again for the fantastic tea.

    Alistair Rea, Tea Reseller, UK