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Lemongrass Tea

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Organic Lemongrass Green Tea: Green Lemongrass Flare

Green Lemongrass Flare

Rs 115.00 INR Rs 120.00 INR

If you are looking to create a healthy everyday habit, look no further. Forget the overwhelming nature of some lemongrass teas. We believe in balance and elegance, and making teas that are nothing but exceptional, while keeping in mind both your well-being and drinking experience. Lemongrass and organic Indian green tea blend will find lots of s...


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Organic Lemongrass Tea: Lemongrass Verve

Lemongrass Verve

Rs 89.00 INR Rs 100.00 INR

Lemongrass is the unavoidable part of a herbal collection in every Asian kitchen. This remarkable plant intoxicates with a gentle lemony scent, reviving effect, and temperate seductive flavour – a bit lemony, a bit sweet and a bit herbal. Our Lemongrass Verve organic lemongrass tea has been grown on pure organic fields in India in its indigenous...


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Organic lemongrass Green tea with Ginger | Assamica Agro - Dry Leaves and Brew

Ginger Lemongrass Green Revive

Rs 129.00 INR Rs 130.00 INR

If you are looking for a refreshing and energy drink it is perfect for you. Absolutely perfect for summer, this blissful blend of ginger, lemongrass, and green tea refreshes and invigorates. Ginger and lemongrass are two herbs along with Green tea that you can use to brew with several possible health benefits. Both herbs have anti-inflammatory p...


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Organic Lemongrass Green Tea bags

Green Lemongrass Flare - 10 Tea Bags

Rs 85.00 INR Rs 90.00 INR

If you are looking to create a healthy everyday habit that will require the minimum of your time, look no further. Our elegantly crafted Green Lemongrass Flare tea is now available in 100% cotton tea bags. This blend is all about balance. Woody and citrus scent of lemongrass and sweet and deep scent of fresh green tea with a faint mineral flint,...


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Organic Lemongrass Green Tea - 50 g box

Organic Lemongrass Green Tea - 50g

Rs 129.00 INR Rs 130.00 INR

A smooth Lemongrass Green Tea blend made from whole leaf green tea and fresh lemongrass pods.  Mild & Steady Flavor. Savory Quality, Sweet Start with Mineral Flint and Citrus Notes. Health Benefits of Lemongrass Green Tea Lemongrass has been recommended by practitioners of traditional medicine for various ailments, and is traditionally con...

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