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Salubrious Stevia Green Tea

Perfectly balanced mix of organic Indian green tea with Stevia to rejuvenate your body.

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    100% Organic Certified By

    Organic Green Tea with Stevia

    If you are looking for a sugar-free healthy drink then Stevia Green tea will definitely be your first choice. Stevia ( sweet tulsi or meethi tulsi) is a natural sweetener without any calorie and it is a  choice of many diabetics all over the world.

    Organic Stevia and organic green tea blend are perfect healing cleanse not just for weight loss, this would be accompanied with proper nutrition also. 

    Green tea has antioxidants effects that slow the cellular aging and cleanses the skin impurities. Stevia slightly lowers blood pressure and helps in increasing the body's immunity system. Stevia leaves contain an immense amount of non-caloric, non-toxic molecules that provide more than 30 times with the sweetening power of sugar. Stevia leaves contain proteins, carbohydrates, iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals along with Vitamins A and C. Stevia Green tea is a healthy alternative to using sugar or artificial sweeteners. This tea can be brewed multiple times, and you can increase the water temperature with later steepings. It can be enjoyed both hot or cold.


    Loose Leaf Organic Green Tea and Stevia leaves ( sweet tulsi)




    Wood, grass, and lemon notes lightly covering sweet and deep green tea base, full of freshness, light yet full taste. 


    Rejuvenating and refreshing. 

    • Water temperature: 75-80º Celsius
    • Dosage: 3-4 grams of tea
    • Amount of water: 150-200 ml
    • Re-steeping: 4-6 times.
    • Steeping time: 2,3,4,5 minutes

    We suggest you always use freshly boiled water cooled down to the proper temperature. Use suitable tea ware and cover the teapot or teacup when brewing. Preheat your teapot. To discover the delicate subtleness of each tea always follow the instructions, and feel free to experiment with dosage, time, or temperature when you get accustomed to tea. Higher temperatures, larger amounts of leaves, and longer steeping time will result in stronger tea with more astringency. You can add sugar or lemon to your tea, but we suggest that you try it straight first to enjoy it to the fullest.



    Required Storage Conditions for herbs & flowers:

    The safe long-term storage of dried  flowers and herbs for several months requires the following storage conditions:
    The moisture content of the stored product: 6–8%
    Relative humidity of ambient air :<40%
    Room temperature: 4–15°C
    Lighting: Largely in a darkened room


    Organically grown as per NPOP & EU standards.

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