Beyond Good Teas

Beyond good teas - Improve the lives of the tea workers

The effort, dedication & love of lot of people come into play in the making of a Good Tea. The tea workers in the small organic tea farms in Assam make Assamica Agro teas as special as it is. However, the tea workers, the real people behind these teas often struggle to make a living every day due to low wage, poor welfare and unethical practices prevailing in the tea industry for decades. Tea workers in most of the plantations in Assam are paid notoriously low wages even today. Most of the big tea gardens in Assam pay their workers around 100/- Rs per day which is much below the minimum wage rate specified by the government of Assam.

Come, Be Part of a Change..

Assamica Agro wants to invite you to be part of a change where we discard age old colonial exploitation and adopt only ethical practices to grow our tea. We are one of the few companies in India which has pioneered in ethical standards by paying fair wages to it's workers. Being a small family run company with limited financial resources, it has been quite challenging to maintain a wage rate which is more than double of what is paid by most tea gardens in Assam. We are determined to maintain this wage rate for our workers because of our commitment to social equality. Besides a fair wage, 10% of the profit that we make by selling teas on this website would go to uplift the lives of the tea workers. 

We are grateful to all our customers for their support in our journey of making this beautiful part of the world a better place to live.