Assamica Agro Green Tea: A Fresh & Special Green Tea Online!

Assamica Agro's green tea leaves are handcrafted with great care by TEA ARTISANS from small organic tea farms in Assam, and are known to be one of the most flavourful & delicious organic green tea brands available in India. Assam is traditionally known for its robust black tea, but these dedicated small growers from Assam have acquired the skills required to make one of the finest green teas in the world with their limited resources. Our green tea is not just a commodity. It is a special green tea handcrafted by our passionate small farmers. It is an expression of love & care to the health conscious people of the world. Read more on Assamica Agro's Unique Organic Teas

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Apart from our pure green tea, we also offer you a choice of exclusive green tea blends online in this website. These blends are made by tastefully mixing our Loose Leaf Green Tea with several natural herbs which complement the Green Tea Health Benefits, and give you a pleasant taste. If you want to enjoy these green teas when you are away from home, you can buy these same green tea leaves in tea bags as well. We have come up with specially designed cotton tea bags suitable for our whole leaf green tea. So, whether you buy our green tea in loose or teabags, you get the same quality tea leaves. 


Studies have shown that the goodness of green tea depends a lot on the way the tea is grown and processed. A 100% organically grown green tea contains 50-60% more antioxidants than normal green teas. 

Assamica Agro green tea is made by small farmers who follow only sustainable organic farming methods to grow and process their tea leaves. These natural processes of producing tea make sure that you get to sip the healthiest green tea without interfering with nature. Assamica Agro works closely with these small farmers to make sure the green tea we offer you is of the best in quality. Our strict adherence to organic standards makes sure that the healthful phyto-nutrients are preserved in the tea leaves, and you get the maximum antioxidants in your green tea. This also helps in keeping you away from the harmful chemical and pesticides found in commercial green teas. Our growers are undergoing organic certification process as per India's National Programme for Organic Products (NPOP) standards. Moreover, Assamica Agro green tea is tested to be 100% chemical & pesticide free by Tocklai tea research center.


It has been our endeavor to make our green teas more affordable so that you can make it a part of your daily routine and lead a healthier life style. So, we offer you special discounts & FREE shipping when you buy green tea online in larger quantities from our online storeIn addition, you can join our reward program and get reward points every time you buy green tea online from our store. You can use these reward points to save money when you buy our green tea in the future. Above all, when you buy our green tea online from our store, we can ensure we deliver it fresh from the field since it does not have to follow the traditional route of tea distribution where it takes several months to reach your home.