Exclusive Artisan Teas From North East India

Assamica Agro strives to bring the finest ORGANIC teas to your cup by working hand in hand with a group of small tea farmers from north east India. Try the most delicious Assam & Green Teas straight from the source!

Unique Practices revolutionizing the way TEA is grown in Assam!
There is a history and precedent for TEA to be a catalyst for revolution. We are not the first Tea Growers to battle injustice and we will not be the last. But with our unique practices and adherence to social equality, we no longer need to exploit workers or use unethical practices to grow tea and make a profit. Read More
Organically Grown, Finest Small Estate Teas @ BEST price. 
Buy the finest handcrafted teas ethically sourced from the small scale organic tea estates in Assam. Buying these teas makes sure you get these artisan teas fresh from the field, and at the most reasonable price. Also, when you buy our tea you directly benefit the small farmers producing these exclusive teas. Read More
Healthiest Green Tea & Assam Tea Leaves in Full Leaf Tea bags.
Whole leaf or Full leaf teas are the most natural & flavorful teas made from full tea leaves. We offer you a range of whole leaf Assam & green teas in hand sewn 100% cotton tea bags. These tea bags are specially designed to provide enough space for the full tea leaves to unfold, and can sustain multiple infusions. Read More