Assamica Agro - Loose Organic Green Tea Combo

Loose Organic Green Tea - Combo

If you are a green tea lover or want to try different herbal green tea blends to check which one would suit your taste buds, try out this loose organic green tea combo product. Assamica Agro offers you its five loose organic green tea blends as one single combo product.

Organic Loose Green Tea Combo - Contents

Assam Green Adventure

Green tea is a great alternative to drinks like coffee and other high-caffeine beverages, which can sometimes lead to stress. Green tea has a significantly lower amount of caffeine that provides energy without the headaches and allows better focus throughout the day. Its mild flavor is pleasing and refreshing. Green teas are also much easier on the stomach than coffee, which can sometimes cause an upset stomach. Health benefits of green tea may include helping in weight loss, control sugar, blood pressure & cholesterol, improved brain function, physical performance, and dental health. These are just a few health benefits that have been discovered, and more are being found in other studies. 

All products in this combo uses whole leaf green tea as the base. Loose leaf or whole leaf green tea are generally larger, thus they are jam packed with more health benefits. Loose leaf green tea always guarantees more of the healthy goodness compared to tea dusts or fanning grade tea prepared in regular tea bags. For instance, whole green tea leaves are rich in catechin, the antioxidant that battles cancer. 

Tulsi Green Sensation

Tulsi, or holy basil, is a sacred herb that has been used in India for thousands of years. Prepared in a cup of hot tea, it can have many benefits. It can strengthen the immune system to help protect against common sicknesses and can also be used to treat mild fever and boost recovery. It is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin-C and can help in weight loss. 

Other benefits of drinking tulsi tea include help with asthma since it aids in relieving congestion. It's often used in both cooking and drinks to protect against bacterial infections. These are just a few of the uses of Tulsi, as it is a plant that is used in medicines for many more purposes than what can be listed here.

Rose Green Allure

Beautiful long organic green tea leaves and perfect small organic rose petals are creating a mix that is very appealing to the eye. This tea is full of charm, elegance and sophistication, bringing faraway oriental places right to your cup. There is no place for bitterness in this blend, only deep intrinsic rose scent and freshness of green tea, with all of their nuances in each and every steeping. Oriental, deep and fragrant, this tea is made to make you daydream. We recommend using glass tea ware to fully enjoy the beauty of this tea. Even the appearance of leaves and petals is following the change of flavor with each steeping, creating a beautiful mix of delicate pale colors that would be a shame to be missed.

Mint Green Exposure

From upset stomachs to sleepless nights, peppermint can help solve a wide variety of problems. Menthol helps to relax sore muscles and reduce anxiety, so it's an excellent choice to help wind down for the evening before bed. A cup of peppermint tea prepared with lemon and honey can also help with congestion, so if sinus pressure is a problem during allergy season, this tea can help clear things up.

Green Lemongrass Flare

Lemongrass is a plant that has long been used in medicine to treat digestive issues, stomach aches, and abdominal pain and its use in aromatherapy for muscle pain is no secret. Mixed into green tea, this blend is packed with antioxidants and has antimicrobial effects. The oils present in lemongrass have a history as a diuretic which helps reduce toxic buildup. 

Lemongrass has a pleasant, fresh scent that can enhance moods and improve mental health. If depression is a struggle, try a cup of warm lemongrass tea with a bit of honey for a sweet treat during the day. It makes an excellent pick-me-up and can help get through that last stretch of work when feeling down, tired, or worn-out.

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