15 Organic Assam Tea Benefits You Never Knew!

What is Assam Tea?

Assam tea is a variant of Black Tea, made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis var. assamica. Also, this beneficial Assam tea has another famous name, which is 'English Tea'. Full-bodied, bright, tart & malty flavor with a dark brownish color is the identity of Organic Assam Tea.

Assam Tea, as the name suggests, grows in Assam and Assam itself is the largest tea producer in India. Assam is situated in North-East India, bordering Bangladesh and Myanmar. Thus, the best tea comes from the foothills of Himalayas.

The weather condition, warm and wet tropical climate plays a vital role in making distinct and fine Assam teas.

The usual harvesting time of Assam tea is late March and June and when the time arrives, the teas are plucked, and they undergo the oxidation process. The oxidation process is the key to good premium quality Assam tea.

And this fermentation process stimulates specific chemicals inside the tea. In conclusion, it helps to grow the unique flavor and color of Assam Tea.

You might ask where are the Assam Tea benefits? But It is vital to know the origin & history first. After that, I will go to the benefits. Now, look back to Assam Tea's history.

Earlier until the 19th century, all tea was harvested from the Chinese tea plant. But in 1823, Robert Bruce, a Scottish adventurer explored Assam region. And he noticed some tea-like plants growing wild near Rangpur, in Assam.

After some time the wild plants are tested and classified as Camellia Sinensis. Which now became the famous Black tea from Assam!

Now, what is Organic Assam Tea?

As you might have guessed, Organic Assam Tea is made with the same leaves of Black Tea but the only difference is that there are no pesticides used to grow them. Which means it’s a lot better than the Normal Assam Tea, and has much more Health Benefits!

Now, as you are becoming the Guru of Assam Tea now, let's dig into the benefits of drinking this black tea. Oh, and if you already decided that you’re going to drink only Organic Assam Tea from now, you may check out our Premium Organic Assam Tea collection!

15 Organic Assam Tea Benefits, which you probably didn’t know!


Antioxidant Generator

Assam teas are a type of Black Tea leaves, and it contains theaflavins, thearubigins, and catechins, which work as antioxidants. Obviously, you know the benefits of having the right amount of antioxidants in your body. Your body produces free radicals, and the antioxidant counteracts them. As a result, antioxidant reduces inflammation.


Black Tea May Prevent Cancer

Although there is no cure for cancer, some compounds help to prevent it. And Assam tea has phenolic compounds that can inhibit cancer in your body. So, daily few cups of Organic Assam Tea can aid you to prevent carcinogenic properties in your body.


Promotes Your Heart Health

There are some studies which give enough trust that Black tea like Assam tea can reduce cholesterol. Also, the flavonoids in tea prevent the buildup of plaque. Black tea lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

But more studies are needed before we can establish black tea as cardiovascular medicine.


Organic Assam Tea Can Strengthen Your Nervous System

Assam tea is a variant of Black tea. So, it contains caffeine contents. And this type of tea increases your mental alertness.

Also, It is the best go-to tea in the morning to boost the nervous system. For this reason, Assam tea is so famous in our customer group.


Regulates High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure or hypertension can be fatal to anyone. But if you intake regular organic tea, it can help you control your blood pressure. One study has shown that black tea can regulate blood pressure. Consequently, long-term consumption of tea has a significant impact on BP.

Eventually, regular consumption of Assam tea will reduce the chance of cardiovascular mortality.


Assam Tea Benefits Immunity

This tea is full of minerals and antioxidants. And they help your immune system to be more robust and effective. So, in this pandemic, when you feel the common cold or fever hitting you, make yourself a cup of natural Assam tea blended with some honey.

As a result, you will recover very fast and spend less time in bed.


Helpful for Diabetes

Organic Black tea can prevent type II diabetes by regulating the level of blood glucose to normal. Also, it helps the pre-diabetic adults. Research by The Journal of Food Science has discovered that Black tea has concentrated polysaccharides. And polysaccharides prevent glucose absorption.

In conclusion, consuming regular organic Assam tea benefits you to control diabetes.


Organic Assam Tea Can Aid Your Digestive system

Having a cup of Assam tea after a delightful breakfast is satisfactory. Also, you can try a cup after a heavy lunch as it will help you to digest the food properly. Many European countries have this tradition going on for years.

However, you can also start to drink Assam tea after your delicious lunch.


Good for Your Oral Health & Tooth Cavity

Having a delicious meal without a sweet dessert will not satisfy us. And this habit creates oral problems and cavity in the tooth.

Another Assam tea benefit can save you from this condition. If you consume Assam tea and gargle with it, the cavity will not form. Also, it will help your cavity to heal fast.


Organic Assam Tea Reduces Fat

You will be pleased after knowing this benefit. Assam tea can block fat absorption and assists in weight loss. If you ask any fit people, you will get the answer that they are drinking black tea. Also, this tea gives you an energetic boost and increase your metabolism rate.

As a result, you can get a fit body with minimal effort in exercise. You can thank me later, go for this wonderful tea and start drinking from now. You can check Assamica Agro for the best organic Assam tea. 


Assam Tea Can Benefit in Ovarian Cancer

A study in the November 2014 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that women who consume two or more cups each day can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 28% to 29%. If you are a woman, you should consider this fact and start drinking such natural tea from now.


Improve Your Cognitive Function

Black tea can prevent oxidative stress in the brain. As a result, it reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. The dense amount of caffeine in this tea helps to prevent such diseases.

One recent test-tube study gives enough evidence that this tea may help in Alzheimer's disease.


 Black Tea Boosts Your Energy

Waking up early morning would not be easier if there was no Black tea. As this tea contains a high amount of caffeine, it helps you to boost your system within a minute. Also on a cold or a rainy day, this beneficial Assam tea will definitely kick your mood and body.


Organic Tea Like 'Assam Tea' Keeps Skin Healthier

We all are so dependent on cosmetics for our skin that we don't know about this Assam tea benefit. Obviously, it helps your skin if you consume it daily because it has vitamins A and E. And these vitamins are good for your skin.

You have tried all the expensive methods for your skin. Why not try this one? Visit our online store and order your skincare teas now!


Overall Health Benefits

The researchers always agreed and told to consume a large number of antioxidants in your regular diet. The reason is Antioxidants help you to live a longer and healthy life. Another significant Assam tea benefits.

The amount of polyphenols, catechins, flavonoids, tannins in Assam tea is vast. They help our body in many aspects that we can't imagine. For promoting your health, this tea should be essential in your diet.


Some Important Facts About Organic Assam Tea

If you think you will drink this tea ten times a day and you will achieve eternal glory, then you are becoming suicidal. Don't do that! 

As I told you earlier, Assam tea contains an immense amount of caffeine compared to green tea or white tea. And excessive intake of caffeine could lead to adverse symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat, stress, and insomnia.

Your daily consumption limit of caffeine is 400 mg. And if you are a pregnant woman, then your limit is 200 mg of caffeine per day.


But the question is, How could you know how much caffeine is there?

In a 240 ml cup, typically the amount of caffeine is around 60-112 mg. But the amount of caffeine can vary with the steeping time. If you steep for a long time, the amount of caffeine will be more.

If you want to know how to brew Organic Assam tea, you can Check Here.


However, if you consider the Assam tea benefits, such side effects are negligible. Actually, it depends on you, how many cups of black tea you and your body can take. But if you follow the guideline who knows you may live for 100 years or more! 

If you want to find high-quality Organic Assam tea or any Organic tea, you can visit our online store. We grow teas organically, without any chemicals here in Assamica Agro. That's why these teas are 100% organic and certified.


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