Organic Green Tea VS Conventional Green Tea, Is There Any Difference?

Origin of Green Tea 

Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, and the same plant also used to make Black tea. If you go way back on history, you will see Camellia sinensis originated from China. It was 2737 B.C.; the discovery of this magical tea happened accidentally. One day, while travelling, Emperor Shennong mistakenly drank water, which had a dead boiled leaf in it. 

When he was drinking this water, he found it very refreshing and soothing. And after that, he started to drink this tea regularly; thus, a new beverage was introduced to the world. It is just amazing how Green tea has grown its popularity over time. 

In many countries like China, Thailand, Japan, Green tea became their National drink. India also made their separate place for Green tea. Some people believe as China Camellia sinensis originated from India too. Besides, In India, mainly in Assam, you will find massive production of Organic Tea like Green tea, Black tea, Herbal tea, and more. 

Let's know the taste of Organic Green tea first. It will help you to identify Organic green tea and Conventional Green tea easily. Do you know Green tea tastes sweet? I know it is hard to believe, but it depends on your brewing technique, and your tea leaves quality. That's why the steeping and brewing technique is crucial for Organic tea.

But commonly, the taste of good quality green tea is like sweet, bittersweet, nutty, buttery, floral, vegetal, fruity, and oceanic. I know it is hard to taste all the flavours in your tea. But when you drink tea three-four times a day, you can feel each flavour in your tongue. 

Before going towards Organic Green tea Vs Conventional Green tea, you should know some benefits of Green tea first.

Health Benefits of Green Tea 

Overflow of Antioxidants 

Green tea contains antioxidants like polyphenols and catechins like epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). These antioxidants help to reduce inflammation, help to fight cancer, prevent cell damage and so on. These substances also lower the formation of free radicals in your body. These free radicals play a role in ageing and creating many diseases.


Green Tea May Lower The Risk of Cancer 

Green tea, with its antioxidants, prevents some cancers. National Cancer Institute claims that the polyphenols in tea may decrease tumour growth. Also, Some studies have shown that against specific cancer like breast, ovarian, bladder, lung, prostate, skin, stomach Green tea is helpful. And the anti-angiogenesis effect helps to block cancer from spreading. 


A Fat Burner Tea 

Green tea can help you to lose weight and burn some fats in the long run. Study shows it increases metabolism, also intensify levels of fat oxidation. Therefore, if you are on a proper diet, including Green tea, will always assist you.

And if you are thinking to lose weight in this lockdown, then start now and do include Green tea.


May Improve Brain Function 

Green tea contains caffeine, and it can boost your brain and enhance your working memory. One study findings suggest that green tea could be promising for treating cognitive impairments associated with neuropsychiatric disorders.

Besides, research also shows caffeine can improve mood, vigilance, reaction time, and memory. Also, green tea contains amino acid L-theanine, which can help in the blood-brain barrier. There are packs of benefit in terms of the brain when you drink green tea regularly. 


Protector Against Neurodegenerative Diseases 

Alzheimer's disease is a common scenario in older adults, and Parkinson's disease is another one. Both are neurodegenerative diseases. Several test-tube studies on animals have shown that Green tea compound catechin can help in cases of neurodegenerative diseases. 


Green Tea May Prevent Diabetes 

Some studies have shown that Green tea consumers have a low risk of type-2 diabetes. But also other studies have not found any connection between Green tea and diabetes. But most of the researchers and health consultants believe Green tea can help you to balance blood sugar. 


Anti-ageing Benefit of Green Tea 

The polyphenols in this organic tea can protect you against ultraviolet (U.V.) light. The study says this may prevent the acceleration of ageing. Also, you may get cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory benefits from it. Besides, the compounds of Green tea can help against wrinkles too. 


Supports Heart Health 

One study shows that Green tea reduces total cholesterol, "bad" LDL, blood pressure, and triglycerides. It also can prevent the domino effect and the oxidation of LDL. By doing this, it blocks artery hardening and heart diseases. Another study has shown that a higher intake of this excellent tea can reduce the risk of stroke. 

I can tell you all day what is the benefits of Green tea. But, for now, let's move on to our hot topic, the difference between Organic Green Tea and Normal Green tea.


Organic Green Tea VS Conventional Green Tea


When a Green tea passes certain standards for consumer safety and environmental friendliness, then it is called Organic Green tea. Like the one, you can see in Assamica Agro. You can see the certification of different organisations on our website. Our tea is free of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides and no pesticides is used too.


On the other hand, regular or conventional tea is more likely to be grown in an unsafe environment. In this case, harmful chemicals, unsanitary tea fields, hazardous working conditions are used. Conventional tea making may produce more teas but with a cost of human health and the environment.


As an example, if you plant natural plants that can repel certain harmful insects, then you don't have to use chemical pesticides. And for many years this is our mantra. 100% organic tea producers focus on the harmony between their farms and nature. They don't overdo anything by using certain chemicals.


On the contrary, conventional green tea uses synthetic pesticides, herbicides and many fertilisers harmful to both humans and nature. Such side effects include congenital disabilities, respiratory disorders, skin and eye irritations, and various types of cancers, damage to the nervous system, disruption of hormones and endocrine systems, Parkinson's Disease and more.


Some people believe the term 'Organic' is now become so common that it is fake. But there is always a solution to that. You can easily find certified organic tea. And this certification process does not involve any fakeness. The products are tested in labs for specific chemicals. If and only if they pass the test, then it is called certified organic tea.

That's why we proudly say that our teas are 100% organic.



Benefits of Drinking Organic Green Tea 

Research of an international team of experts led by Newcastle University has shown that organic foods contain 60% more antioxidants than the conventional ones. In the case of tea, there is always some other factors included. But handcrafted teas are still a better option for more antioxidants. 

Also, organic Green tea benefits your health multiple times than the regular ones because of its natural compounds. Conventional green tea has side effects which I already mentioned. And such adverse effects counteracts the good results too. Thus, it becomes eviler for you other than good. 

Besides, you can always help the farmers and the environment when you buy those handcrafted teas. There are no pesticides, harmful fertilisers in their production, so nature remains intact. In fact, the organic procedure involves the natural breakdown of organic matter. And it keeps the balance of the soil with the environment. 

I think the most significant benefit you can get from drinking Organic Green tea is not harming yourself. If conventional green tea becomes fatal for you, then all of the health benefits is pointless. Without increasing your longevity, you will be decreasing it. So, I think it is the biggest disadvantage you can get from drinking regular tea. 

Therefore, always go for 100% organic tea, never compromise your health and nature for a few bucks. 


How Assamica Agro Produces Organic Green Tea? 

Camellia sinensis plant, also called tea tree, is used to make black tea, oolong tea, Pu-erh tea, green tea, white tea and more. The process of making Organic Green Tea starts with plucking and withering the leaves. Then the handcrafted tea leaves are cooked immediately to preserve the green quality and prevent it from oxidisation. After that, it goes for batch packaging when the leaves are ready. 

Although the process is not that simple and easy, the main focus is always on this work schedule. In this full process, in our farm, no pesticides, fertilisers or any other chemical is used. As a result, for our hard work, we have got certification from many organisations like USDA, OneCert, IndoCert and more.

If you have read the full discussion about organic Green tea vs Conventional green tea, then you know the differences already. But it is up to you that you choose organic or regular tea. 

Don't compromise with your health, and choose organic tea over the regular one. The whole point of drinking tea is keeping your body and mind sound. So, don't make it worse for your health.

Assamica Agro Brings to you the most delicious & handcrafted organic green teas, check out our collection by clicking here.

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