Got a Hangover? The Best 5 Teas That Can Help Get a Grip on Your Symptoms

Not all have been lucky when it comes to alcohol.

There are times when we drink, throwing care to the wind. And waking up, all that we have faced is a headache turning into a full-blown hangover.

What eventually follows is a feeling of nausea, fatigue, body ache, stomach
discomfort, and more. Instead of suffering, it’s best to know the best teas that can help treat your hangover symptoms. Below, we have shared the best five teas that can ease your hangover symptoms – faster and more effectively.

So, let’s get started.


Best 5 Hangover Teas to Know

1. Green Tea
No one is a stranger to the incredible health benefits of drinking green tea at least twice in day. However, how many of you know that sipping green tea can kill a hangover? Some researchers have proved the efficacy of L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, in treating hangover symptoms.

It has been established that L-Theanine has brain-calming properties that spur the production of alpha waves, thereby controlling the dizziness and nausea accompanying the hangover.

Besides, it’s common knowledge that green tea is powered by rich antioxidant
properties that are known to support the general well-being of humans. You can buy higher-quality green tea from Assamicaagro at highly affordable rates.

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2. Ginger Tea
A cup of ginger tea in the morning can significantly help in easing down the
hangover symptoms. Loaded with a variety of rich spices, the beverage is known to have a value for anyone struggling with the after-effects of drinking an excess of alcohol. Ginger tea, on account of its strong antioxidant properties, has a therapeutic advantage.

It’s the go-to cure for relieving cold and cough symptoms, thanks to its
active ingredient called Gingerol. This means if you have a hard time coping with a runny nose or a sore throat, treat yourself with the goodness of ginger tea

Taste-wise, ginger tea is flavorful to the extent of triggering an addiction for it. You can prepare it merely by chopping up a little raw ginger and adding it to the hot water.

3. Turmeric Tea
You saw that coming. Didn’t you? It’s a widely known fact that turmeric has a high medicinal value. The branch of science has established the potential of this Indian spice in preventing heart diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Replete with antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties, it’s also known to help patients suffering from depression and arthritis.

Turmeric is quickly getting popular in the United States as researchers unveil more data about its perceived health benefits. Turmeric tea has been found effective in treating the symptoms of a hangover. Add a hint of ginger for an extra boost, and just in case you are looking for a potent, healthy drink, add lemon with a pinch of pepper.

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4. Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea is an excellent way to treat hangover symptoms. Known as a feel-good tea, it’s traditionally known to soothe stomach aches, reduce stress, boost immunity, and promote sleep.

Apigenin, an active ingredient in chamomile tea, has stress-relieving properties that treat symptoms such as nausea, headache, muscle aches, and fatigue associated with a hangover.

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5. Peppermint Tea
Peppermint tea is a sure-shot drink when hangover symptoms creep in to disturb your routine. Just as ginger, peppermint has excellent calming properties that can nip your hangover in the bud and offer the wellness needed.

So, if you happen to experience stomach aches after a night of drinking, it’s time to stock up peppermint tea in your pantry quickly. You can buy a peppermint plant to ensure on-demand supply. Boil a cup of water and add 8-10 rinsed peppermint leaves to it. Steep for about five minutes, and you are done. Sip to keep your hangover symptoms in check.

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What Not to Have When You Get a Hangover

When having a hangover, avoid drinking a beverage with high caffeine content.
Black tea and coffee are the beverages containing caffeine – a diuretic.

If you happen to drink any of these, you will end up flushing out water from the body. A hangover is a time when you should be hydrating your body, instead of losing water from it.

Drinking any of the teas mentioned above to retain water content
and crack a healthy balance of nutrients needed to overcome a hangover situation.

Best Hangover Teas You Can Try

That’s a wrap to our countdown of 5 best hangover teas. If you have any
suggestion, please write it in the comment section below, and keep watching this space for more such articles as we continue to explore the teascapes.

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