How Much Green Tea Should You Drink in a Day?

Green tea has an incredible therapeutic value, and there is no debate about it.

The beverage is consumed worldwide, comes in various varieties, and recently, it has been dragged to the spotlight for its health benefits.

For the uninitiated, green tea is rich in antioxidant content and known to have curative properties against diabetes, health illnesses, and even cancer.

What’s more, drinking green tea can be a perfect friend in your weight loss journey.

The antioxidant properties in green tea called catechins, combined with the caffeine content, boost metabolism and amplify fat burning in the body, therefore driving weight loss and endowing people with a svelte figure just how they like.

On yet another front, studies have established that consuming green tea can burn over 75-100 calories a day.

In fact, researchers have found evidence that shows green tea to be enriching in terms of improving brain functioning, dental and bone health, and immune system.


It’s common knowledge that green tea promotes good health. However, how much green tea one should drink in a day is a moot question.



This article unravels the answer to the same question.

Our experts have researched to bring our readers a complete perspective on how much green tea is ideal for consumption.

A routine-based breakdown has also been provided to help our readers drink the beverage optimally.

So, without a wait, let’s dive right in.

Green tea consumption: How much is too much?

As far as studies are concerned, there is no final word on the amount of green tea one should drink in a day.

While some demonstrated health benefits in people who have consumed one cup a day, there are the others that have validated the consumption of five or more cups a day.


What’s the Bottom Line? Well, the consumption of green tea depends on the disease one is suffering with.



Below, we have curated a low-down that correlates health conditions with the amount of green tea that should be consumed in a day.

a. Diabetes: In a retrospective cohort study, people who consumed six or more cups of green day in a day were found to have a 33% of low risk of Type 2 Diabetes, compared to those who consumed less than a cup per week.
b. Cholesterol: Several studies found that people who drink one to four cups of green tea a day had significantly lowered their cholesterol levels. However, the best results were demonstrated by those who were on dieting.
c. Heart Diseases: An analysis conducted on nine studies has revealed that people who drank one to three cups of green tea a day had low exposure to heart diseases compared to those who consumed less than a cup.
d. Breast Cancer: An observational study found that women who drank more than three cups of green tea daily were less susceptible to breast cancer recurrences.
e. Stomach Cancer: Another observational study went on to show that women who drank five or more cups of green tea in a day had a reduced risk of stomach cancer.
f. Pancreatic Cancer: In yet another observational study, consuming five or more cups of green tea was associated with a lower risk of pancreatic cancer.
g. Weight Loss: For weight loss enthusiasts, the recommended limit, as suggested by a few studies, is two or three cups in a day; however, the exact quantity may vary from person to person, and a lot depends on the brand as well.


What if Green Tea is consumed in excessive quantities?

If you are of the belief that drinking green tea in higher quantities has no harm, you are highly mistaken.

Don’t forget, green tea has caffeine (in lesser amounts, though), which has side-effects.

Scroll down to read the health conditions that may occur if you happen to be drinking green tea in quantities far more than what’s recommended. Take a look!





Sleeping Disorders


Stomach Ache and Nausea



Iron Deficiency


Degenerative Bone Disease



Liver Diseases


Calcium Deficiency



Bleeding Disorders


Key Points to Remember

  • Pregnant women, infants, and young children must avoid drinking green tea. Seek doctor’s advice before consumption.


  • Individuals suffering from any prolonged illness related to liver, kidneys, and heart must consume green tea only after seeking medical advice.


  • The catechins in green tea can interfere with the effectiveness of a few medications.


  • People using any heart or blood pressure medications must consult with a doctor before consuming green tea.


  • Green tea may also reduce the effectiveness of certain anti-depressants or medications for anxiety.


  • Avoid using green tea supplements as they have a higher concentration of catechins than the green tea itself.


When is the best time to drink green tea?

  • Avoid it as your morning cuppa

A notion that affirms the use of green tea as a morning beverage is brazenly false. Such a practice can harm the liver and might as well damage it. Further, caffeine content may cause dehydration and stimulate the release of gastric acid, resulting in stomach issues.

  • Give it a shot in-between-meals

Green tea is ideal to use in-between-meals. By consuming the beverage two hours before and two hours after your meal, people can leverage the full value of its antioxidant properties. Moreover, a two-hour time will ensure that the catechins do not interfere with the nutrients of the meal and inhibit the absorption of iron.

  • Before bedtime? A big NO!

Green tea contains caffeine and is diuretic. It can affect one’s ability to sleep and can aggravate the tendency of urinating. As an optimal use, consume green tea one or two hours before you go to bed for a shut-eye.


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