Going Organic is Going Back to Your Roots

For the past decade there has been a lot of news relating to organic tea production in the North-Eastern regions of India, especially Assam. Still majority of people in India as well as around the globe are not aware of the benefits that organic tea offers and the harms caused by non organic tea. To begin with let me first explain what exactly these terms mean.

Organic tea is free from any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and also its cultivation does not harm the health of the soil, people and ecosystem. While non organic tea is grown using harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers that pose significant health hazards to people.

Top reasons to choose organic tea

Here are some of the reasons which would alter your choices while buying tea.

1) Organic tea is better for your Health.

Some of the negative impacts of consuming non-organic tea include birth defects, damage to nervous system , disruption of hormones, skin disorders, respiratory diseases and various forms of cancers. Studies have shown that herbicides used in the growth of non organic tea are linked to cancer and a certain kind of disease. Few years back a news reported that regularly drinking pesticide contaminated tea was reducing life span of people in China.

Having read the above mentioned harms of non organic tea, you must now be aware how beneficial organic tea is for your health. This is not only one reason for choosing organic tea, below you will find some more reasons to give up your conventional teas.

2) Organic tea is better for the Farmers.

Not only is it beneficial for our health but also for those who grow it. Growing conventional teas require use of chemicals which harm the health of cultivators. There have been cases reported where tea cultivators have died due to cancer caused by chemicals they spray on their crops.

3) Organic tea is safer for environment as well.

Conventionally grown tea is one of the most harmful crops in Asia. The pesticides and chemicals used in growing these flow into rivers , hence polluting the water bodies and not only water bodies, they also reduce the fertility of soil. In long run, this vicious circle makes environment, farmers, tea drinkers all lose.

We at Assamica Agro offer 100% natural tea grown through sustainable organic farming. We are proud to keep our teas free from all the nasty stuff. When you buy your favorite organic tea from Assamica Agro, it means you are paying for your good health as well as a sustainable environment. Our organic teas are grown using sustainable and conscious farming methods by our small farmers. Unlike conventional teas, our produce do not depend on harmful chemicals and pesticides. It is cultivated using traditional, natural methods of pest and weed control. Our small farmers depend on Neem trees to provide shade to plants and keep away insects, cow dung for fertilizers, cow's urine as insect repellent. To further maintain and boost the soil fertility, the recovered plant material is then mixed with the cow dung to improve the quality of organic fertilizer. This enables the plant to soak up nutrients from natural soil and hence leaves of the tea contain the most natural and healthy nutrients for you.

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