Organic Assam Tea (Kanoka) Review

If you are not yet familiar with organic Assam tea, you are missing out on one of the truest joys in life. Sure, it's easy to drop by a local grocery store to buy a box of typical tea bags, but then what do you have? A cup of typical tea. Try one cup of Kanoka specialty tea from India, and ordinary tea pales by comparison. 

What it is?

Assam tea is a tea-lover's dream come true. Slightly malty with a heady, golden aroma, Assam black tea may be enjoyed with or without milk. Many tea aficionados note that the mild natural sweetness of Kanoka estate specialty tea is delightfully delicious without added sugar or honey. We tend to agree. 

Kanoka Assam Tea

Kanoka's Assam black tea is smooth on the tongue, offering a deep and somewhat sharp flavor that's never bitter. If you enjoy a bracing cup of morning tea that's a bit buttery and always yummy, add a tin or three of Assam organic to your tea cabinet. Of course, Assam organic tea is ideal for afternoon tea time, too.

How to serve this specialty Assam tea

Brew Kanoka Assam black tea as you would any other loose leaf tea. Place one generous teaspoon of gold-tipped Assam leaves per serving in a pre-warmed teapot, add almost-boiling water, and steep until your desired strength is attained. Three to five minutes is usually the right amount of time to steep a perfect pot of Kanoka farmed organic tea. 

If it's iced tea that you crave, make "sun tea" in a covered glass container outdoors on a summer day. Use the same proportions as mentioned above, and allow to steep in the sunshine until your tea attains the desired color. Strain and serve in tall glasses over ice. 

Serve this handcrafted tea in a clear glass teacup to marvel at its delicate copper-colored liquor while you appreciate the fact that you have in your hands one of the most ethically-grown specialty teas anywhere. Unlike most other tea growers in the region, the Kanoka estate pays its employees a fair wage and even offers bonuses to workers. The Kanoka tea estate is more than just a tea company; it's a social enterprise that works relentlessly to uplift the lives of the tea workers. 

Handcrafted Assam Tea Leaves

How orthodox Assam tea is different from other teas

Oriental teas are made from the leaves of the Camilla sinensis plant. While good, it's not as rare and delicious as tea made from its cousin, Camellia sinensis var assamica. Assam teas grown in the lowlands of Northern India are cherished for their complexity of flavor and full-bodied aroma. 

Where it comes from

If you have the good fortune to visit the Assam tea-growing region in Northern India, be sure to make a pilgrimage to the tiny Panchnoi Village. Here you will find the very charming, very small Kanoka tea farm. Despite its diminutive size, Kanoka estate produces some of the finest organic Assam black tea in the world. 

Panchnoi Village, Assam

Not all local tea farms grow to strict Vriksayurveda agricultural principals. Kanoka does. This devotion to natural growing techniques is one reason that Assam loose leaf tea from this particular farm is so special. Another reason is because the Nath family is the first to farm on the six acres of land that comprise the Kanoka tea farm. This perfect combination of pristine arable land and planet-preserving growing practices makes the orthodox Assam tea from Kanoka estate a rarity to be savored. 

Organic Farming at Kanoka, Assam

Where to find Kanoka specialty Assam teas

If a visit to India is out of the question right now, don't worry. You can purchase this wonderful tea from a number of online retailers that specialize in authentic teas made by socially responsible growers. 

Tippity Teas is one such vendor. Based in Australia and selling online, they offer a nice selection of tasty teas along with kettles, teapots and other tea accessories. In the U.K., Postcard Teas and Bristol Tea Company are the places to find high-quality Kanoka estate teas and tea serving accessories, as well. 

No matter if you buy Kanoka Assam black tea at the source or opt to make your purchase online from its re-sellers and partners abroad, you can be sure of one thing: a cup of absolutely non-ordinary tea that looks and smells just as lovely as it tastes.

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