Handcrafted Organic Teas from Small Growers

A growing number of people across the globe have started switching to organic food due to the negative effects of chemically grown crops – including conventional teas grown through chemical farming.

Increasing knowledge and awareness have enabled today's consumers to start demanding a higher level of quality and purity in the products they buy for their families. Consumers have become aware about the negative effects of the harmful chemicals and pesticides that are used in producing our food products today. This includes the specialty teas available in the supermarkets with various acclamation about health benefits, most of which are actually produced through chemical farming by various tea producers.

Science Supports the Benefits of Organic Food

An international team of experts led by Newcastle University, UK, has proved that antioxidants – which can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers, are between 19 and 69% higher in organic food than conventionally-grown crops.

Organic produce contains more antioxidants as well as lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides, and switching to organic food could be equivalent to eating two extra portions of fruit and veg a day, according to the research team. 

The research team found that the quality of food is strongly influenced by the way it is produced. In particular, there is increasing evidence that higher levels of manufactured chemical fertilizers, particularly nitrogen and phosphate-based fertilizers that are prohibited or heavily restricted by organic farming standards, lead to the substantially lower concentrations of antioxidants in conventional crops.

Producing A Healthy, Handcrafted Natural TeaVermi Compost Pile - Kanoka Tea EstateVrikhsayurveda Organic Tea Farming

Assamica Agro works with a group of small tea farmers from north east India who follow sustainable organic farming methods that help keep our planet healthy and our consumers safe. 

These growers utilizes Vrikshayurveda, the ancient Indian science of plant life, to grow their tea leaves and then process the tea leaves manually to retain their vital nutrients. The organic cultivation practices followed by our farmers to produce these natural teas are not only preserving the healthful natural phyto-nutrients the teas contain, but they are also helping people avoid the poisons that are routinely introduced into the food supply through the dangerous chemical pesticides used in conventional commercial farming.

Vermi Compost Preparation by Kanoka Tea Estate, Assam

Vermi Compost Preparation in Kanoka Tea Estate

Both our Loose Leaf Assam tea and Loose Leaf Green tea are tested to be free from chemical residues from Tocklai Tea Research Center. So, you can be sure about the purity when you Buy these Naturally Handcrafted Teas from these dedicated organic tea farmers.


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