How to Brew The Perfect Cup of Green Tea?

Brewing The Perfect Green Tea

Did you try to switch to green tea because of its enormous health benefits, but found - it's too harsh or bitter, and didn't finally like it ? 

Well, perhaps following the proper brewing method and a better quality green tea like the loose leaf green teas we sell in this website will help you make the switch easier. A perfect cup of green tea does not have to be too bitter or harsh, it can be very flavorful and delicious to become the favorite choice for your morning tea if you brew it properly.
Loose Leaf Green Tea

Brewed Loose Leaf Green Tea

Below are the few steps to follow in order to fully appreciate our delicate green teas.


Use around 2.5 grams of our loose leaf green tea per 100 ml of water. If you want to measure by volume, it should be 1 teaspoon.


Bring a cup of fresh water to boil. Heating the water to the optimal temperature will draw out the right balance of amino acids, which contribute flavor and sweetness, and tannins, which contribute bitterness and astringency. If the water temperature is too low, it may not extract the full range of flavors. If the temperature is too high, the tea will taste overly bitter and astringent.

As a rule of thumb, the temperature should be around 90 degrees Celsius. If you do not have a thermometer to measure the specific temperature, heat the water to just short of boiling. 


You need to now infuse the green tea leaves in the freshly boiled water for around 3 to 4 minutes.

Brewing Green Tea

Loose Green Tea Leaves

Assamica Agro's green tea is a whole leaf green tea. Whole leaf green tea expand many times in size, since the leaves are rolled. So, you need to give it enough space to unfold and release their flavors fully. If you are using an infuser, make sure it provides enough room for the tea leaves. You can also brew the tea leaves directly in the pot or cup and strain them out as you pour.

As soon as the tea is ready, remove the leaves by lifting out the infuser or pouring the tea through a strainer.


Indians normally boil the black teas in hot water to make it a strong cup. Please make sure you don't do the same for green tea leaves because it will make it very bitter. You need to first bring the water to boil and then put the tea leaves into the hot water as explained above.

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  • Hi Prasad,

    Yes, you can add sugar or honey to your green tea. I personally prefer jaggery because it is a healthier option to sweeten tea naturally. But, you should not add milk.

    Manmoyuri Devi on
  • hi…after brewing is it good to add sugar or milk powder or honey?

    prasad on
  • different processing steps that tea leevas go through after they are picked. I came across it via this post on Lao Ren Cha (it was initially posted on the ever useful Chan Teas site).a0 Click the image for a

    Wilbur on
  • To answer Rani’s query →

    You can actually use 250g of our green tea leaves for around 100 days if you take 2-3 cups a day, assuming you will use the same leaves for 2-3 infusions.

    You should use around 2.5g of tea leaves per cup as written on the blog. That means you can make at-least 100 cups of tea using 250g green tea leaves.

    However, our green tea blends are made of high quality whole leaf green teas which can be used for multiple infusions. That means, you can use the same 2.5g of tea leaf to make 2-3 cups of tea after some intervals during the whole day. So, 2.5g of our green tea leaf is good enough for you for a single day if you take 2-3 cups/day since you can use the same tea leaf for multiple infusions throughout the day.

    Manmoyuri on
  • Hi,

    If I order the loose green tea of 250 grams, whats the duration that I would be able to use the leaves if am drinking 2-3 times a day?
    Asking this because I want to order accordingly.

    Rani on

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