Delivering Fresh Teas.. from Assam to your doorstep!

Our online tea venture loves the internet! We connect to the tea lovers across the globe, and deliver our fresh tea leaves to the doorsteps of more and more people and places every day. 

Our small scale tea growers produce only the highest quality Green tea and Black Assam tea leaves

With the growing demand for organic and hand picked green and black tea, we are delighted to be able to provide these teas directly to the consumers across the globe. And, our prices cannot be beat, nor can our quality or freshness  

Best Prices and Low Shipping Costs!

Yes, due to the fact that we source the teas from the growers and deliver to you directly, we offer you the most affordable price for these exclusive organic Assam & green teas. We have a corporate tie up with several courier companies and our shipping costs are nominal within India and reasonable Internationally. 

What is special about our teas? 

Exquisite Teas Straight from the Growers

Assamica Agro Green Tea Growers

Our growers produce unique and exquisite teas in very small quantities based on the demand in hand. We pick these teas from the growers without involving any tea broker or middleman, and deliver to you directly. In contrast to teas in the convenient stores, our tea leaves are always delivered fresh from the field, since our teas don't not need to spend months in the warehouses of the various tea companies before reaching you through the traditional distribution channel. 

The Healthiest Assam & Green Tea on the Market

We offer you the most natural green tea and Assam tea on the market. Our tea leaves are grown following Vrikshayurveda Organic Farming methods. Vrikshayurveda is an ancient science for plant life that our ancestors followed in the good old days when making a profit from the crops was not the only purpose. 

Loose Leaf Assam Tea

These natural farming techniques uses to keep the consumer, farmer as well as our environment safe & healthy. Unfortunately, we have forgotten these age old methods over the years in a obsession to produce more and make more profit out of our lands. Assamica Agro wants to bring those good old days back. We want to secure the future with sustainable land management. So, we only work with small organic tea farmers of the north east India, where Assam is naturally grown. We are also working on improving the land’s bio-diversity by encouraging our small tea farmers to plant other cash crops along with their tea plantations.

Improving Life of the Tea Growers & Workers

We do not want to exploit the hard working small tea farmers buy buying these teas from them at the lowest possible price and sell at exorbitant prices to maximize profit for ourselves. Our teas are most equitable in the Indian market today. Our tea growers are paid fair prices for their tea leaves. We are also building a welfare fund with the profit that we generate by selling these teas to improve the lives of the workers employed in these small farms.  

Try Our Tea Samples Today!

We offer our new customers samples for all our exclusive tea blends. Place your order for sample packs of our Assam and green tea blends today and taste the real difference. 


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  • from online menrcahts. Also available at the grocery store (and another perfect day starter) is Whittard English Breakfast, previously reviewed at Second Cuppa. This entry was posted in Black Tea, Tea and tagged Whittard

    Katil on
  • (Grocery) This is a really good tatisng tea and I should know! Having lived all over the world I love many English teas and this definitely great. I brew each k-cup twice into a big mug and it works well. You can also brew these twice (medium) cup so the price works well.

    Iwan on

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