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The small Assam tea growers in the remote corners of north east India have started reaping the benefits from their organic farms as e-commerce becomes the easiest and most cost effective way for more and more tea lovers across the world to shop the highest quality artisan teas straight from the source.

Organic Assam Tea FarmerWith the growing demand for organic and hand picked green and black Assam tea world wide, our eCommerce website gives us the ability to sell these exclusive handcrafted teas from the small farmers of Assam to not only individual shoppers but also to wholesalers & distributors across the globe.  

But it is not just our small company that is experiencing rapid growth due to the power of the internet. It is changing the way India and its people are doing business. We think it is an exciting time for India and its people to share their knowledge and high quality products to new markets and shoppers.

E-Commerce is Changing the Rules of the Game in India

It is for certain that the confines of brick and mortar are no longer a limitation in doing business. That means so many traditional restrictions have been lifted! It is an exciting time for India because the internet has not only revolutionized the way people shop, it is changing how Indians shop.  At Assamica Agro, we want to be in the forefront of that change, helping to lift our culture, our people and our resources out of the dark ages and into the global marketplace.

How are we doing it?

Yes, we have the most affordable organically grown Assam tea & green tea leaves, and our shipping costs are nominal within India and reasonable Internationally. But what we are most proud of is Assamica Agro is doing it the right way.

The Healthiest Green Tea on the Market

Study after study has proven that organic loose leaf green tea is one of the healthiest teas you can drink. In India alone, the consumption of green tea has grown substantially. You will not find a healthier or more delicious Assam Green tea than what our small estate farmers are growing. 

Organic Assam green tea leaves

Fresh Green Tea Leaves


Smooth, Flavourful & Bold Assam Tea Leaves

With the pioneering efforts of these dedicated small tea growers, Assam teas have started regaining its original essence which was lost due to the heavy usage of chemical fertilizers & pesticides in conventional commercial farming over the years.

Organic Assam Tea Leaves

Organic Assam Tea Leaves

Our hard working tea growers produce some of the finest & robust organic loose leaf Assam teas today. These high quality exclusive Assam tea leaves have been successfull in developing a craze in the international tea market, particularly in the UK recently.  

Strict Adherence to Organic Standards 

It starts with our strict adherence to the Organic standards and practices. Our teas are ethically sourced from small tea farmers of Assam who are follow organic tea cultivation practices as per India's National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) standards.  


All of our growers are paid fair wages. Our farmers come first. We do not exploit the hard working small estate growers who make the tea as special as it is. 

Helping the Community Prosper 

At ASSAMICA AGRO, we are working to bring sustainability and growth to our rural economy. Our ethical policies are slowly building our local economy as well as boosting morale. 

Protecting our  Environment 

We are securing the future with sustainable land management. We only work with organic small scale tea farmers in India’s Northern Region, where Assam is naturally grown. We are also improving the land’s bio-diversity by not only planting tea but also other cash crops.

Contact us Now

With the Internet exploding and our teas becoming more and more popular, our ability to change the Indian tea culture and our rural economy in improving. E-commerce is changing the retail landscape. And with loose organic green tea leaf being the hottest trend in India, and our prices being so reasonable, this is an exciting time. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, resort, or an individual or you are looking to buy Assam loose leaf teas & green teas or whole leaf Assam & green teas in tea bags, we have it all. Contact us now! We are happy to answer any of your questions and look forward to delivering to your doorstep the highest quality ethically grown Assam tea & green tea leaves on the market today.



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