Assamica Agro Teas in United Kingdom!

Assamica Agro's exclusive teas are now being enjoyed throughout the UK! Thanks to our partnership with Postcard Teas, London.

It is estimated that 165 million cups of tea are consumed daily in England or 60.2 billion cups per year.  And per capita, England is the second largest tea drinking country behind Ireland.  Odd fact- Turkey consumes the most amount of tea in totality as per this Wikipedia data on country wise tea consumption.

New Assam: A fine Assam tea blend from Postcard Teas, London

New Assam - An exclusive Assam tea blend
Courtesy: Postcard Teas, London

Yes, the Brits love their tea and are experts. So you can imagine it is every tea farmer’s dream to have their tea exported to England. But for small tea farmers to get recognized by the large British Tea companies is almost impossible. Postcard Teas has changed all of that.  

Postcard Teas.

Postcard Teas, based in London, is a company influenced by three different cultures- English, Japanese and Chinese. For over 20 years, they have been traveling the globe inspecting and discovering new teas. They are known for 2 major innovations in the tea business. They were the first company in the world to put the maker’s name and location on all their teas including the blends. What a great service to small teas farmers who never got any credit for their teas. Their second major innovation is their commitment to small teas farmers. They will only buy their teas from small producers who farm less than 15 acres. Their reasoning is simple and aligned with the mission and vision of Assamica Agro.

From their website, “we believe small producers of less than 15 acres are better for people, places, and planet... more than the larger producers who supply 99% of all the tea sold in the West including the teas sold as rare, fairly traded or beneficial to the environment. As with provenance, we are the first tea company in the world to sell tea exclusively from small farms.”

We owe a great deal to Postcard Teas.

In 2013 when we are just beginning to produce made tea out of our tea leaves, we were quite unprepared for the difficulties in managing our tea company. We wanted to pay good wages to our workers but did not have the funds.

Tim in Kanoka Tea Estate, Assam

Tim in Kanoka Tea Estate, Assam

Tim, the owner of Postcard Teas came to our rescue. He visited our farm in Assam in May of that year and met all our people, introducing himself to all the farmers who are behind the scenes and rarely get noticed. He knew they were the reason for our great teas. He fell in love with our loose leaf Assam orthodox teas and our simple methods of producing it. Since then he has been doing everything he can to support our work. He was particularly impressed with our dedication to sustainable farming and creating natural healthy tea.

Postcard Teas and Assamica Agro share a common goal.

Both Postcard Teas and Assamica Agro share a common goal of supporting the small tea farmers. Together we want to make a small but real impact to the way tea is grown in Assam.

We are trying to make sure that our farmers are reasonably paid and treated with dignity. And our teas prove the point that ethics does matter in the tea trade. Now, Postcard Teas are busy promoting our Assam teas in London. They have made a tea blend from our small grower teas and sell it as New Assam. So, if someone wants to try our loose leaf teas in UK, either in retail or wholesale, they can buy them from Postcard Teas in London. 

We are proud of our association with Postcard Teas and look forward to years and years of more success stories like this one. Contact us now to learn more about our teas and the different ways you can purchase them.


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