How to Reuse Leftover Green Tea Leaves for your Home

If you brew your own green tea at home using Loose Green Tea Leaves, it can feel like a waste to throw those tea leaves away after you’ve finished brewing your fresh cup of Green Tea.

Brewed Green Tea Leaves

Brewed Green Tea Leaves

Don’t be so quick to toss them in the garbage can when there are a variety of ways you can use them around the house ranging from culinary creations to household uses. In this way you ensure that you don’t waste a single bit of that green tea goodness. Here’s how to use green tea leaves after you’ve brewed your cup of tea:

Use green tea leaves in recipes and meal preparation

Use green tea leaves: Deodorize your refrigeratorStudies show that green tea leaves may have remarkable health benefits. Plus, the leaves are a good source of fiber. You can actually use the leaves in the same way you would spinach. Try adding them to fresh soups or create a salad from the leaves by adding a little soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sweetener. Moisten the leaves and heat them in a pan over the stove. Add a little butter, sea salt, and garlic and you’ll have a side dish similar to greens or spinach. Do an internet search and find other recipes for green tea leaves and experiment a little on your own.

Use green tea leaves to Deodorize your refrigerator

Instead of that box of baking soda, fill a bowl or box with green tea leaves to help deodorize your refrigerator and keep smells under control. Make sure the leaves are dry before placing them in the refrigerator.

Use green tea leaves to Make green tea bath sachets

Green tea bath sachets are easy to make. Simply add drops of your favorite essential oils to the dry green tea leaves. Place the scented leaves into muslin bags and tie them off with ribbons. When you’re ready to use it, simply toss it in the bathtub. You can reuse them several times before they lose their scent.

Use green tea leaves as repellent for Pantry and Meal Moths

Green Tea to repel pantry months naturallyGreen tea leaves are not only healthy for the inner body they also have great deodorant properties. Use them in litter boxes and other pet areas to remove lingering odors naturally. Recycling green tea leaves can be cost effective and fun!

Use green tea leaves to Reduce eye puffiness

If you wake up in the morning to swollen puffy eyes, fill a muslin bag with green tea leaves. Place the bags in the refrigerator until cold and then place them on your swollen eyes. Lie down and relax with your head propped up higher than your body.


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