Introducing Whole Leaf Teas

Whole Leaf Teas, also called as loose leaf or full leaf teas, are the finest teas made from freshly hand-picked tender tea leaves. In contrast, CTC tea or the tea found in tea bags usually consist of tea fragments or fannings.

Freshly picked green tea leaves

Freshly Picked Whole Tea Leaves

Tea bagged teas contain tea fragments or fannings (also referred to as dusts) which are considered as rejects during the processing of whole leaf teas. Tea dusts give a stronger and quicker brew, but lack the subtlety and completeness of the whole leaf teas. Whole leaf tea is the most natural form of tea made from full tea leaves. Whole leaf teas are produced through orthodox tea production method, which is the original method of making teas. It is very popular in the European countries due to the fact that it gives you the full taste, flavour and health benefits of tea.

Whole Leaf Assam Tea

Whole Leaf Assam Tea

Moreover, whole Leaf teas can be used for multiple infusions. Depending on the type and quality of the whole leaf tea, it can be normally brewed from 2 to 4 times, with every steeping exposing slightly different character of the tea. Whole leaf teas are costlier as compared to CTC or the low quality tea dusts. However, you can brew whole leaf teas multiple times to offset the premium price that you pay for it.

Whole Leaf Tea Bags

Assamica Agro provides you Full Leaf Teas in Whole Leaf Tea Bags. Whole leaf teas require more space to expand as compared to dust or fanning which are normally found in the regular tea bags.

Whole Leaf Tea Bags

Full Leaf Tea Bags

Our tea bags are specially designed to allow sufficient space for expansion of the whole leaf teas. Also, it is handmade from 100% cotton instead of filter paper so that you can use it for multiple infusions.

Assamica Agro's whole leaf Assam tea bags can be brewed upto 4 times very easily. And our whole leaf green tea bags can be brewed upto 2-3 times.

To Know About Tea Leaf Grading click here.


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  • Want whole leaf green tea in 200 gms pack

    Vimal kumar on
  • Send me the cost of whole leaf tea per kg

    dr.anilkumar vaidya on
  • Send me the cost of whole leaf tea per kg

    dr.anilkumar vaidya on
  • It is really nice to know that Assamica Agro is working hard to bring high-quality organic products to its customers. Many tea companies only offer teabags which are even low in quality or high processed, Such products of Assamica Agro are definitely better than many other brands..

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