Normal Teabags Vs Assamica Agro Full Leaf Teabags

At Assamica Agro, we are determined to improve all aspects of our customer's tea drinking experience. In that spirit, we have designed a full leaf tea bag that is far superior to the normal tea bag.

We are proud to say our organic green tea bags and organic Assam tea bags are healthier and more cost effective than the tea bags found in the market. Assamica Agro only provides whole organic leaf teas. Since whole leaf teas require more space to expand as compared to dust or fanning which are normally found in the regular tea bags, we had to find the perfect tea bag.

The Assamica Agro TEA Bag Story

When we started our business, we tried paper tea bags. But, they did not work as paper tea bags are not suitable for whole leaf teas. Paper tea bags are not very strong and also it does not have enough space for full tea leaves to unfold. Moreover, we found that paper tea bags are not safe. Paper tea bags are normally treated with epichlorohydrin to prevent disintegration. Epichlorohydrin is mainly used in the production of epoxy resins which is considered a potential carcinogen by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It is also used as pesticide. Read More on the hidden dangers of normal tea bags.

Nylon Full Leaf Tea BagWe then discovered that there are whole leaf tea bags made of Nylon. It seemed like Nylon pyramid tea bags was perfect for our full leaf teas. But, that is where the story begins.. We began to read about nylons and plastic’s tea bags. We researched and spoke to experts. What we found is that, even though they’re often called “silky,” those nylon pyramid tea bags are not silk. They are mostly plastic, either polylactic acid (PLA, or “corn plastic”) polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or food-grade nylon. We discovered that nylon is a plastic. We were concerned. Our teas are the healthiest in the world. It made no sense to use anything but the most natural tea bag. So we went back to the drawing board and finally decided on cotton tea bags, because they are the safest and suitable for our full leaf teas.

Read more on health hazards of plastic tea bags.

A Happy Ending

Our tea bags are now made with 100% cotton and hand sewn by women groups from rural Assam.

Empty Cotton Tea Bags - Assamica Agro

Hand Sewn 100% Cotton Tea Bags

Plus, our tea bags can easily sustain multiple infusions, and are especially designed to provide enough space for the full tea leaves to unfold. That guarantees that Assamica Agro Organic Green tea, Organic Herbal Tea & Organic Assam tea are not only the most delicious but also the healthiest. We are thrilled to be able to provide the best quality teas to our loyal customers.

There are Tea Bags and then there are Assamica Agro TEA Bags!


  • The normal tea bag uses tea dusts, we use full leaf teas. This ensures a fuller and more fulfilling tea drinking experience.
  • They use filter paper or plastic, we use pure cotton. These are the safest, healthiest and the most natural tea bags.
  • Plus our tea bags can be used for 3-4 infusions, which makes them cost effective. Most normal tea bags bought in a store are good for maybe 1-2 infusions.

How About Our Tea Bag Blends?

In keeping with our high standard for healthy teas, our blended teas only use natural herbs, while most tea companies use artificial ingredients or flavors. So you get not only the healthiest tea bags but the most natural blends.

Contact Us Today

The small tea farmers at Assamica Agro are proud to provide handcrafted teas from small tea made with great care and organically grown. Whether you prefer tea bags or loose leaf, organic Green Tea or delicious blends, you can expect the best and most healthy teas on the market. Let us know what you think? We love conversing with our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas and thoughts or just to enquire about our different teas and how you can purchase them. We love our teas and are here to help!


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  • I like your Product very much. Very nice taste good.

    Sandeep on
  • Hi

    The handmade teabags are amazing. The smooth flavour of the tea is graet, no hint of bitterness. Will recommend to friends and family.

    Sapna on
  • So glad to find Assamica Agro, such a careing and responsible tea supplier online, their attitude towards tea bags echos the concerns I have had for many years, below is my reason for the next move to be placing an order: Our kitchen food waste was composted for five years before moving it into the greenhouse as compost and was surprised to see the petrochemical sourced tea bags had not rotted, seventeen years later when we moved house those same tea bags were in the greenhouse as fluffy brown little cotton wool like balls they hadn’t rotted down at all just broken apart a bit, can only suspect it’s one of many reasons why cancers seem to be so rampant in the west.
    hilguy on
  • Such smart packaging! People would buy them wiuhott a single thought to what’s inside! I would love to try a few of their teas!Have a faboo weekend!

    Hasan on

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