Green Tea: A Storehouse Of Beauty Care Elements

Green Tea is a storehouse of beauty-care elements, something you cannot afford to miss if you are beauty-conscious.

Beauty Care With Green Tea

Use Green Tea to beautify yourself.. Naturally.

GREEN TEA is indeed one of the healthiest drinks available on the planet. Most of us are aware about the various health benefits of drinking green tea. Drinking green tea regularly can help you fight deadly diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes as well as keep you young. However very few of us know that green tea can also be used in various other ways apart from drinking as a tea. You will be surprised to know that green tea is very friendly to your skin, and if you know how to use it, green tea can keep a lot of disruptions at bay. 

Treating Acne & Pimples with Green Tea

Treating Acne And Pimples With Green Tea

Green Tea is replete with anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial contents, which can cure acne and pimples to keep your face smooth and glowing. All you need to do is: take a Green Tea Bag and put it into hot water for sometime. Bring out the hot Tea bag and apply to your face on the acne affected areas. 

Use Green Tea For Facial

Green Tea For Facial

Skin benefits of Green Tea can be leveraged if you use the contents of your used tea bags as facials. After preparing your refreshing cup of Green Tea, cut the tea-bag open and put the contents into a cup. Add some honey and make into a paste. Apply the mixture to your face, and keep it there for ten minutes. Then, rinse off.

Use Green Tea As Face Wash

Green Tea As Face Wash

Washing your face with Green Tea will keep you fresh throughout the day. Prepare hot Green Tea, and let it cool. Splash it over your face. Then, clean your face with cold water.

Get Rid Of Bad Breath With Green Tea

Green Tea For Bad Breath

Green Tea can keep your mouth fresh and relieve you from the irritating bad breath. Studies have shown that Green Tea can kill bacteria to prevent bad odor from your mouth, and also, can lower risks of dental infection. To reap this benefit, you can prepare your own homemade organic toothpaste, using Green Tea, by mixing high concentrated tea and baking soda. Apply this organic toothpaste and stay afresh for the whole day. You can also brush your teeth with the toothpaste before going to bed. 

Heal Sunburns With Green Tea

Heal Sub Burns With Green Tea

Got sun-burnt? Do not worry. Green Tea will cure. Green Tea can heal the sun-burnt skin if applied to affected areas. Prepare a cup of green tea and put in refrigerator. Using a piece of cloth, apply to the affected area.

Green Tea For Hair Care

Green Tea For Hair care

Green Tea can keep your hair strong and shiny. Even more, in can keep dandruff at bay. Green Tea is friendly to your hair due to the presence of high levels of Panthenol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E; which are found in all hair conditioners. Just put three or four bags of Green Tea in hot water. Allow to cool. Rinse your hair, and wash with cold water. 

Cure Dark Circles With Green Tea

Vitamin K, present in Green Tea, can cure Dark Circles around your eyes. Prepare a cup of hot Green Tea, and chill it in a refrigerator. Bring it out, and soak a clean cloth with the chilled Green Tea. Close your eyes, and apply to the eyelids. Relax for a few minutes, and see the magic!!!

Order our green tea online today and start using it for maximum health benefits as well as for beauty care as mentioned above. And, once you have prepared your cup don't throw away the green tea leaves. Try reusing the leftover green tea leaves around your home to maximize the benefits and lower the cost of your green tea.


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