Green Tea Recipes for Weight Loss

You may have read many theories about weight loss properties associated with green tea along with other health benefits. However, some contradictions and difference of point of views have made it difficult to understand this concept well. Here, we will discuss and learn about this topic with the reference of some simple green tea recipes which are typically for weight loss.

Why Flavoured Green Tea?

According to some recent surveys, more than half of the people who drink green tea regularly prefer adding different flavours to their drink. We must not forget that weight loss is no longer seen as starving. Instead, nutritionists recommend some effective eating habits to maintain a healthy weight and body figure. So, when you can actually lose weight while enjoying your favourite dishes, then why you should restrict yourself to the strong green tea? For that, people usually add artificial sweeteners or sugar to their cup.  This may limit the benefits of the drink. So, a better alternative is to prepare your green tea with some different ingredients and flavours. Not only it improves the taste, but it also increases the green tea health benefits.

Green Tea Recipes

Most of us may have experienced the unrealistic beauty standards of our modern society regardless of the fact that our diet mainly includes processed ingredients. Considering that, we are providing our customers the most organic green and assam tea bags and leaves which enhance the flavour and quality of your tea. Now without any further discussion, let's move on to some specific green tea flavours which are  beneficial for weight loss. Have you thought about green tea with some delicious ingredients which are also good for keeping you fit? Take a look at some of our simple recipes.

Iced Lavender Green Tea

Lavender is well-known for making  one feel relaxed. With its beautiful aroma and other health benefits, it is perfect for people who often suffer from digestion problems and those who want to lose weight. Imagine the freshness of lavender which is mixed with ice and pure green tea. You can easily enjoy this special cold beverage with our organic green tea bags. Now  let's learn the recipe of fresh iced lavender tea.



The recipe is quite simple. You just need to make hot green tea by adding our green tea bags to boiling water  and then leave it cool. After that mix it with crushed ice and fresh lavender leaves. With the beautiful and relaxing aroma coming out, you will know that the tea is ready to drink!

Extra Health Benefits

The two major health benefits of lavender tea are that it cures the digestion and gastric problems which also helps in weight loss. Secondly, it relieves from stress, depression and anxiety. These two benefits are scientifically proven by several well-known health institutions. Moreover, it is the perfect beverage for summers and you will definitely prefer this green tea over cold drinks.

Lemon Grass and Ginger Iced Green Tea

It is the perfect blend for those tea lovers who want to stay fresh all day and maintain their body weight. Ginger's presence in the tea is beneficial for stomach health while lemon grass is already famous for its beautiful aroma. Let's have a look at the recipe for this iced green tea.



  1. Rinse the fresh lemon grass and carefully cut it into 2 inches.
  2. Take a sauce pan and boil lemon grass, ginger with 2 cups of water. Add the sugar according to taste.
  3. Remove the mixture from pan and pour it in another pan, add green tea bags and steep the mixture for 5 minutes.
  4. Now when it is already at room temperature, cool it further for 2 hours and then serve chill by pouring it into glasses.

These two recipes above will allow you to enjoy our green tea in a new way. We at Assamica Agro are working hard to provide you pure and organic green tea and Assam tea. You can enjoy the best taste and more health benefits with our natural ingredients which are available at reasonable rates.


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  • Almost everyone will tell you that green tea is effective for weight loss. However, these recipes of flavored green tea is something new to me. Combining natural ingredients to make healthy drinks is really something great. Time to replace processed drinks and juices with health green tea!

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