Rose Green Tea: Drink Your Way To Good Health!

There is nothing more satisfying, more gratifying, than a glass of your favorite drink, after a hard day’s work. However, people have naturally become more health conscious over the years.

Rose Green Tea

Gone are the days when young professionals spend their after work time hanging out in bars, chugging down beer. Coffee shops have heard enough feedback from their customers who say that their lattes were served too sweet, or their cappuccinos made with too much cream. Green tea, anyone?

Rising Trend Of Healthier Choices

There seems to be a rising trend of the health conscious generation changing their lifestyle for the better. This includes the food they eat, and the drinks they consume. Specifically, people no longer choose high calorie, high sugar drinks. They now pick the healthy choice – green tea. Let’s explore further and discover why everyone just loves their cup of green tea.

Stay Healthy With Rose Green Tea

Aside from the fact that it is so light on the tummy when consumed, green tea has so much health benefits to offer.

Take for instance, green tea with rose. Truly a crowd favorite, rose green tea is made from the shrub of Camellia senesis. Then, rose petals, and sometimes rose hips, are mixed with the shrub to come up with the final blend. With natural ingredients, it is no surprise that drinking it has so many benefits. Rose green tea is the perfect source of natural antioxidants. It contains polyphenols, ideal for fighting cancer causing free radicals.

Fight Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Still awake even at 3 in the morning? Perhaps a hot cup of rose green tea might do the trick. Are you the type of person whose mind seems to wander aimlessly at night?  One of the most appreciated health benefits of rose green tea is its ability to help people fight insomnia. One lovely cup will help you reach slumber land sooner.

Strengthen Your Immunity

Sleep recharges your body, but if you really want to strengthen your defenses against sickness, drink green tea with rose! Drinking rose green tea gives you a lot of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is your shield against toxins and dangerous free radicals. It also helps you maintain beautiful hair and lovely skin.

Get Rid of Sore Throat & Cold

Get rid of sore throat, runny nose, and clogged bronchial tube problems. With a steady dose of rose green tea, you not only free yourself from these irritations; you also would avoid embarrassing yourself in public. Drinking rose green tea does this magic as well.

The Best Natural Menstrual Remedy

For the women out there, drinking rose green tea just might be the best menstrual remedy out there. No one likes the pain brought by menstrual cramps. Thankfully, there is now a way around this cyclical pain. Women who drink rose green tea for at least three to six months are almost guaranteed to feel less pain from cramps. It’s perfect for active women, women who don’t want to be let down by their monthly cycle.

Where To Buy Rose Green Tea?

People do not need to visit expensive tea shops in order to have a nice cup of rose green tea. One of the best sites that let you buy green tea bags is  Assamica Agro produces only the finest organically grown tea leaves, leaving you healthy and satisfied after every cup. It has all the health benefits, without the outrageous price! When you buy green tea online from Assamica Agro you are sure to love your choices.

Assamica Agro Rose Green Tea

Full Leaf Rose Green Tea Bag

Rose green tea is one of Assamica Agro’s most loved varieties. Its rose petals give a soothing aroma, and when finally drank, rose green tea is simply irresistible to the palate! A pack of rose green teabags bought here will cost you a fraction of what you would spend in other retailers. It has 10 teabags that make a generous serving – twenty to thirty cups of lovely tea.

Drop your mug of beer, your cup of latte, and your mug of cappuccino and try Assamica Agro’s rose green tea. You will feel an overall improvement in your health. Wellness is guaranteed in every cup. And with a portion of your purchase going to Assam farmers, you can really say that buying tea online via is the way to go. You improve your health, you save a lot of money, and you get to help out. Everyone benefits!

Try your favorite rose green tea at Assamica Agro. You are certainly going to come back for more.


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