Unique Organic Teas From North East India

The effort & dedication of a lot of people comes into play before we bring you these exclusive organic whole leaf teas. The most challenging part during the early stages of our "Organic Journey" was  to convey the ethics, benefits and ethos involved in organic farming to the local tea farmers and workers.  Assamica Agro proudly introduces you to the unique range of organic whole leaf teas from these small tea farmers of north east India.

Industrial Tea Cultivation in Assam

Almost all of the tea workers in Assam come from a community (locally called Adivasi) who have been cultivating tea since around 1850 A.D when the British brought them to Assam from the 'Chhota Nagpur' Plateau region to counter China's monopoly in tea trade by producing their own cup of the brew in this part of their colonial rule in India.

Over the years, the methods of tea cultivation in Assam have shifted from organic to inorganic to satisfy the increasing demand of tea across the globe. The rampant use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and artificial plant hormones has reached such a stage that the last few generations of the workers cannot recall cultivating tea without using them. So as far as organic tea cultivation was concerned our workers were greenhorns vying for their green buck in this trade.

Organic Tea Cultivation In Assam By Assamica Agro

At Assamica Agro, we produce a finest range of organically grown Assam tea, green tea, herbal tea and delicious blends for the well-being of our consumers, society & the environment. When we started our tea farm in Assam in 2007, we wanted to be sure that we don't use any harmful chemicals or pesticides to grow our green tea leaves. We saw big tea gardens in our neighborhood using chemical fertilizers & pesticides to keep the productivity of their tea plantations up. We were worried to think about the adverse effect of those teas on the consumers. So, in spite of facing various issues in the initial phase, we continued with the organic method of tea cultivation. Productivity of our plantation was too low initially since we did not use any chemical fertilizer or growth hormone during the growing stage of our tea plants. However, we later learnt about Vrikshayurveda organic farming methods which helped us to improve productivity of our tea plants through pure natural means. We are now able to produce around 200 kilos of high quality organic teas in a month from our tiny tea farm in Assam.

Organic Manure

Organic Manure Preparation With Cow Dung And Other
Indigenous Plant Wastes - As Per Vrikshayurveda Organic Farming

Our goal is also to bring social equilibrium & sustainability to our rural life while offering these exclusive organic Assam tea and green tea leaves to our customers. Unlike many tea producers in Assam, we strive to improve wage rates and quality of life for our workers. We have made provisions for a few poor families to settle in our farm, providing them with shelter as well as employment opportunity within the farm. 

Small Tea Growers Of North East India Going Organic

It is worth mentioning that many other small green tea growers across Assam have also gone the organic way since the last decade or so. The electronic media, print media and general talk amongst the health conscious section of the society made them realize that organic tea not only benefits the health of the tea drinkers, but can also preserve the productivity of land as well as bring some good business opportunities to the rural farmers.  So, many small tea growers in Assam as well as the neighboring north east Indian states have started cultivating tea in the natural way without the use of any chemicals.

100% Natural, Green Tea & Black Tea From North East India  

Many of these small farmers have setup home based micro tea processing units capable of processing their own tea leaves. These units produce a fine quality orthodox Assam tea apart from producing the best quality green tea leaves mostly through manual processes. These teas are more popularly known as handmade teas in Assam. The growing demand for good quality organic green tea leaves in India as well as abroad has motivated more and more small farmers to join the organic tea revolution in Assam, promising a good supply of natural & healthier teas in the coming days.

However, these small tea farmers are not able to bring their products to the open market and many avid tea consumers are bereft of enjoying their benefits. They does not possess the business acumen or the marketing capability of the big companies. As such, many tea growers fade into oblivion even before they can make their presence felt. Another daunting task for these farmers is to get involved in the paper-works and other technicalities to obtain the organic certification for their teas from the certifying bodies.

Assamica Agro team members have visited many tea producing districts of Assam, especially upper Assam and have made collaboration with other organic small tea growers there. We have also collaborated with a few farmer cooperatives from Meghalaya and Mizoram which are doing organic tea cultivation. So along with our own organic tea we make an endeavor to market and sell the best quality teas 100% naturally produced by these small farmers from the north east region of India.

Assamica Agro Organic Tea: More Than Just A Commodity

Unlike conventional industrial teas produced at the cost of rural life and land, our organic teas are the outcome of the love and affection of a bunch of small tea growers & workers whose lives revolve around these small organic tea farms. These are unique & very special teas because they support rural farmers as well as protect our planet for the future generations. Whether you try our Organic Assam tea or organic green tea, the taste and flavor of these teas will speak on its own about the zeal and enthusiasm with which they are made.


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