How Did I Switch To Green Tea From Coffee?

I used to be a coffee drinker. I loved coffee. The smell, the taste, the wonderful jolt of caffeine as it began to work on my sleepy morning mind..

But somewhere along the line I left coffee (even though I still love it) and became a green tea lover. I don’t remember a defining moment, (an aha! moment) when I made the switch. It was, after all, a long time ago. It was long before the health benefits of green tea were being touted in every magazine, newspaper, online and on the nightly news. I don’t even remember why I switched. There was no friend who convinced me, no doctor telling me to cut back on the coffee, no health reason, and no reason at all that I can remember. I just made a total and complete leap to green tea and I’ve never looked back.

I am a Green Tea Lover

Drinking Green Tea

How do I love green tea? Let me count the ways. First is the amazing smell of the dry tea-leaves when I open the bag. I try to imagine how many tea bushes (does green tea grow on bushes?) it takes to make a pound. The leaves are so light when they’re dry it must take many, many plants to make this pound I hold in my hand every morning. I take just one teaspoon and place it in my old red thermos, fill it with hot water heated to the what I hope is the right temperature, (to be honest I let it boil and then cool down a bit) and take it with me down to my studio.

That First Pour

Ahhhhhhhhh! That first cup - the steam rising up, bathing my face with light moisture – the smell of the tea, now different from the aroma of the dry leaves, this is softer, more subtle, like the breath of a whisper of green, so fresh and so alive.

This morning I chose ASSAMICA AGRO Tea Company’s loose Assam Green Tea. It’s that kind of day – a Tuesday, rainy, and calling out for an extra strong and flavourable tea. The first pour is pure and strong. I love the way the caffeine in green tea creeps up on you. It’s never a heart-racing jolt like coffee. It’s more of a seduction. You get slowly reeled in as you sip cup after cup, never too much, just a steady ‘I am awake’ feeling, that lasts throughout the day, as you make it into your second and third and fourth pour.

You can treat yourself to some pretty fine quality green tea, but none better than the green tea grown in Assam by ASSAMICA AGRO Tea Company. All of their green teas are organic, hand picked and full leaf. You can tell the difference immediately. If you want a blend, they have amazing flavors in full leaf Assam & green tea bags made with 100% cotton and hand sewn by women groups from rural Assam. 

Make the leap

Have I mentioned, last but not least, how economical green tea is? A pound lasts a very long time, much longer than my pound of coffee used to last. So go on, become a green tea drinker. Make the leap! You’ll never look back.


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  • It was nice to read your personal experience of switching from coffee to green tea. Nowadays, mainly due to the health concerns, it is common to see promotional and educational posts comparing green tea and coffee. After all, the caffeine in coffee is known to cause some serious heart problems. However, there facts cannot motivate someone to make this major change. People mostly look for practical examples and experiences of others as a source of motivation. I am sure that this post will definitely provoke many “coffee lovers” to think about their preferences at least once. At last, I am really pleased that you mentioned about the affordability of green tea in comparison of coffee. This is an example for everyone that healthy diet and beverages are not always expensive.

    Talha on

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