Assamica Agro Green Teabags: The Best Tea Bagged Green Teas in India

The Healthiest Green Tea Bags To Buy Are Here!

Any day is the perfect day to start drinking green tea! With its numerous health benefits, and the many available flavors, green tea has overtaken coffee and sodas as the ideal drink. People young and old love the warm soothing feel of each cup, and as more and more flavors are being concocted, people keep craving for their favorite tea even more.

Assamica Agro offers the finest tea bagged green tea blends made with premium full green tea leaves that are carefully grown and handpicked by hardworking Assam farmers. Each teabag has its own story to tell, and each cup is a wonder on its own! 

Apart from the green tea inside, the tea bags are also handmade with 100% natural materials to make it safe for consuming. Read more on why Assamica Agro green tea bags are healthier than other green tea bags.

Get to know some amazing green tea flavors from Assamica Agro!

Rose Green Tea: Rosy Tea Goodness 

Rose Green Tea Bags

Made from only the finest green tea and rose petals, Assamica Agro Rose Green Teas are one of the best healthy choices. Drinkers experience a soothing blend, and the more they drink the more they crave for it. Safe and healthy, these are one of the healthiest green teas to buy! Helping people deal with insomnia and menstrual cramps are its health benefits, to name just a few. Order your rose green tea bags online at Assamica Agro today!

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Lemongrass Green Tea: The Crowd Favorite!

 Lemongrass Green Tea Bags

It’s really the luscious lemon aroma that gets people hooked to lemongrass green tea. And with nearly zero caffeine, anyone who wishes to replace his cup of coffee and still find a way to perk himself up certainly has to try Assamica Agro’s Lemongrass Green Tea. It has that distinct mild flavor, perfect for serving at intimate dates or large parties. And with lemongrass helping people cope with high blood pressure and cholesterol, it certainly is one of the best green teabags to buy! Purchase this delicious lemongrass flavored green tea bags only at Assamica Agro.

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Mint Green Tea: Freshness In a Cup

Mint Green Tea Bags

People in India who wish to buy green teabags have a lot to choose from. Among these is green mint tea. Certainly the most exciting flavor, only green mint teabags give that unique warmth in every cup. The balance of green tea with mint is impeccable, and this is perfect for those cold nights and lazy mornings. With mint green tea helping us lose weight, there’s no surprise as to why many fitness aficionados always carry with them a cup. Assamica Agro has the best mint green tea bags online. Green mint tea’s freshness is just a click away!

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Tulsi Green Tea: The Holy Herb's Cup

Tulsi Green Tea

A big part of India’s spirituality, Tulsi has always been loved by everyone. Making it a major ingredient of your tea makes the plant even more revered! Assamica Agro has mastered the art of making the best Tulsi green tea bags, which you can conveniently purchase online! From the simple fever to heart failure, regular drinking of Tulsi green tea is the ultimate life saver. It’s one of the most affordable blends in the market, yet it is one of the healthiest to drink. Try one at

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Buy Assamica Agro Green Tea bags Online Today!

With your many choices, and the special full leaf cotton tea bags, there is no denying the fact that Assamica Agro tea bagged green tea blends the best tasting tea you will ever try! Made with 100% natural ingredients, all these blends have absolutely 0 artificial flavors in them! Green tea sample packs are available online for trial, and once you've tried some of their flavors, make sure to order the full packs of their green teas online! You can choose any flavor, or you can purchase a sample set containing all of delicious green tea blends! What’s even better is that your purchase can be made via credit card, and it can be delivered right at your doorstep!

As we've said, any day is the perfect day to start drinking green tea! Try the healthiest green tea bags from Assamica Agro today, and we promise you’ll love each and every sip.


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  • Finding the pure organic products is really difficult nowadays. With this use of cotton tea bags, I am sure that Assamica will be among the most reputable tea brand in the market soon. Why don’t you people add some more products like iced green tea or similar?

    Eeshan on
  • I really appreciate the variety of flavours available in Assamica Agro green tea bag! I am seriously looking for the best ways to lose weight without any side effects. For that, many nutritionists and physicians have suggested me to replace my morning coffee habit with at least 3-4 green tea cups daily. However, I was confused as some health blogs explain that drinking too much green tea can damage your liver. With the description of natural flavours of green tea Assamica Agro has to offer along with the guaranteed purity is definitely convincing. I have previously tried many green tea brands, but I could not find a good taste or expected benefits. After reading other reviews and knowing about how green tea bags are made at Assamica Agro, I am sure that mint green tea and other flavours will taste good to me. Finally, I found a better and healthy alternative to my coffee..Thanks to Assamica Agro!

    Talha Naveed on

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