6 Unusual Benefits of Green Tea You’d Wish You Had Known Before

We have been told over a million times that green tea is healthy. The web, to be specific, has a bible on it. However, green tea, as we believe at Assamicaagro, is far more beneficial than you know, and is arguably the best panacea for all your lifestyle ills. So far, what we have known about green tea is that it’s rich in antioxidants and helps reduce certain cancer risks as well as the chances of experiencing a heart stroke. An ingredient called polyphenol in green tea, which is tested to be 25 to 100 times more potent than Vitamin C and E is effective against inflammation. But, have you ever heard of green tea’s benefits beyond internal health? Did you know that the tea bag you leave in the cup after finishing your cuppa has powerful health benefits?
Much to your surprise, in this article, we will be unveiling a few unusual benefits of green tea. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Green Tea Can Help You Get Rid of Eye Bags

Eye puffiness is a millennial problem that’s at its most apparent and is a sign that we are burning the candle at both ends. People, who have sleep issues, dehydration, consume salt too much, or suffer from an allergic reaction, have swelling and redness around their eyes. However, what comes as good news is that green tea has therapeutic properties to reverse the impact.

What to Do: Place saturated, however not dripping wet, green tea bags in the refrigerator, and let them cool. After 45-50 minutes, take them out and place them over the eyes for over five minutes. This will soothe redness and reduce eye inflammation.

Why: Green tea has tannins, a key substance that has been found effective in constricting eye vessels and healing eye bags.


2. Green Tea Can Help You Lock Bad Odor
There are a few spaces around your home, such as your sock drawer and shoe closet, which have a characteristic unpleasant odour. However, luckily, you can stop the stink by placing a green tea bag in these spaces. 

Why: Tea bags are highly absorbent and eliminate the odour-carrying moisture pretty quickly. As a result, the odour is locked and prevented from spreading in the air.


3. Green Tea Can Contribute to Plant Growth
Raise your hand if you know that green tea bags can promote plant growth. Well, that’s a jaw-dropper, you see! Green tea is a potent fertilizer that works by keeping plant roots nourished and accelerating healthy growth over a period of time. And, the USP is that it doesn’t erode the soil structure in the long-term contrary to chemical fertilizers, which are chemical-laden and salty. 

What to Do: Add green tea bags, before or after use, to the soil under and around the plant roots. Alternatively, you can empty the bags to mix tea leaves with the soil before planting seeds. Both of the methods are equally great.

Why: Green tea helps in retaining the moisture content and provides plants with necessary nutrients to grow faster.


4. Green Tea Can Reduce Acne
Acne results in ugly zits all over your face and is a problem aggravated by a host of reasons—sweltering heat, high pollution, and a rapid spurt of dust and allergens in the air. However, what’s relieving is the fact that they can be
effectively treated using green tea, perhaps the easiest, most readily available, and affordable cure ever known.

What to Do: Take a couple of water-saturated tea bags and gently rub them over and around the skin attacked by acne. Continue doing this for a few months and see yourself coming back to your smoother, younger complexion.

Why: Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants, a factor that makes it have a tannic bite and astringency. When you apply it
over acne, it works by tightening the pores and reducing the inflammation.

5. Green Tea Can Help Clean Pots and Pans

Pots and pans can collect a heavy coating of gunk after a prolonged period of use. And, removing it can be a frustrating chore. Guess what can come in handy—green tea!

What to Do: Take the gunked-on pots and pans, and dip them into the water completely. Empty green tea bags in the water and soak them overnight. Next day, scrape the muck off. 

Why: Green tea has tannins that are effective in removing the grease without corroding the surface and shine of pots and pans.


6. Green Tea Can Add the Vintage Magic to Your Pictures
Again something, we bet, you haven’t heard before. However, to your kind awakening, green tea is a potent homemade dye.

What to Do: Take a few saturated, but not dripping wet green tea bags and rub them over the pictures very gently for a few times. Let it dry and there you are, the new vintage look will make you swoon over your pictures.

Well, that’s a wrap to this list of unusual benefits of green tea. If you want to buy green tea at competitive prices, look nowhere else other than Assamicaagro, a reputed name in the tea selling industry with a commitment to quality and health. Hit here to explore our Green Tea offers and discounts. Until then, keep looking for this space for new articles on tea varieties and don’t wander away from your love for tea.

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