Answering the most searched question – is every tea healthy tea?

Answering the most searched question – is every tea healthy tea?

Tea is having a great importance in everyday life in most Asian countries. It is more than well known that Asian population has a longer life expectancy and some of the green tea drinking countries have less health problems than the rest of the world. Do you know what it takes to improve your health by drinking tea? Can you choose any tea?  

While there are many different types of tea, we would like to concentrate on the ones made by Camellia sinensis. 

Green tea may have great health benefits if drank regularly. What is more important that you keep in mind few important factor to benefit from drinking tea.

  • always choose high quality organic tea
  • brew your tea following guidelines
  • don't cross the line
  • keep in mind that your diet has to be well-balanced
  • create a habit and enjoy your tea 

Choosing high quality tea

The first and the most important step in prospering from drinking tea is to choose the best tea you can get your hands on. Not every expensive tea is a good tea, and not all cheap teas are bad teas. Tea leaves should be fresh, have beautiful leaves and a lot of aroma. Stale and unattractive leaves will probably give corresponding result – bad and stale tasting tea. 

Brewing tea "the right way"

If you want to get the most out of your tea, make sure to brew it correctly. Using too less or too much tea leaves will result of too weak or too strong cup. You should also watch the water temperature, to make sure you infused the perfect and the healthiest cup possible. Components found in tea react very differently to cold or hot water. 

Keeping a well-balanced diet

Food is the best medicine in the world. What you eat will manifest in different health related problems. Tea is not a miraculous cure, tea can only enhance what you are doing right. Be sure to avoid too much sugar, too much bad fat and processed food. Think of tea as a nature's gift to add value to your well-balanced diet.  

How much tea is too much?

Tea contains caffeine and there are certain restrictions how much is too much. While you may enjoy many benefits is you like drinking tea, sometimes too much is making a contra-effect on your health. Caffeine intake should not exceed 400 mg per day. As for the water intake reference, regular guidelines suggest between 2-3 liters per day. 

Creating a tea drinking habit

It's important to create a habit that will become a part of your everyday life. To do so, you must enjoy the tea you are drinking. There is a tea for everyone, much like it is with books. Tea has million of personalities, and what you chose is important. High quality organic teas will rarely disappoint you. But, to create a habit, you need to enjoy your tea, and when you are enjoying your tea. With being able to enjoy little things like a perfect cup of tea, you are already living a happier and healthier life. 

Enjoy your cup.


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