Assam tea in English Breakfast and other breakfast blends

English Breakfast tea is one of the most popular blends of tea. With history longer than 200 years, it doesn't surprise it is widely available and recognizable all around the world. English breakfast is usually created from strong robust malty Assam black tea, Ceylon teas and Chinese teas. Assam is one of the most suited teas for breakfast blends because of its high caffeine content and robust flavor. English Breakfast is a full-bodied tea that goes perfect with a dash of milk and paired with English morning dishes. It can be found in teabags, broken leaves or even full leaves. Each gives a different flavor, but very similar profile.

Why teas are blended?

Tea was first reserved only for higher classes and considered a luxury. When British caught up with the habit of drinking tea, it was important to keep the same quality level and taste profile. Even teas from the same garden will have a different flavor from year to year. In order to keep the blend recognizable and for consumers to know exactly what they will be getting, tea are almost always blended. This goes for English breakfast as well. They are all similar in flavor, and one blend from one producer should always have the same characteristics, no matter which year it was harvested and produced. 

What other blends use Assam tea?

Assam is not only used in English Breakfast tea, it is the tea of choice for all other breakfast blends. Irish Breakfast tea is even more robust and has a higher content of Assam black tea. Therefore, it is even more suited as an awaking tea in the morning. Scottish Breakfast tea is another blend that has a very high content of Assam tea. Besides these blends that could be considered standard, many other countries started creating their own breakfast blends. Canadian Breakfast tea is just as similar, but usually blended with more than two teas, to give malty Assam flavor, flowery and smooth notes. Australian Breakfast teas usually include Australian grown black tea and, of course, Assam tea. Russian Breakfast tea is another non-standardized breakfast tea that usually contains Assam black tea and a bit of bergamot note. Assam is always one of the most popular and desirable teas in breakfast blends.

Explore blending options with organic Assam tea

It's no wonder that Assam tea can be found in so many blends. Sometimes it is well hidden under numerous names and you might not be aware that you are actually drinking Assam tea. Even if you have your own favorite blend, you can easily explore the world of blending on your own with Assam tea as a base. We already suggested making your own breakfast blend in our previous posts. Maybe your next favorite breakfast tea will be your home-made blend.

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