Is drinking organic Assam tea always the best choice?

With advancement of technology, chemistry and agriculture, going back to nature is what many people choose to do. Ironically, going back to nature has been more expensive than ever. You may have heard or seen stories of vegetables being injected with toxins to grow faster, different colors used after plucking to make them look nicer, or silicone sprayed on to give them shine and fresh appearance. And still, most of them you peel or wash before eating. And tea? You literary soak the tea and drink whatever it has released.

Getting the certificate

Not only will organic tea be much different, but teas that come from one garden will taste differently than the ones from the other. Production processes, terroir and climate all influence tea profile. Organic farming undergoes a very strict procedures. It takes years to clear the soil, to omit the influence of nearby factors such as contaminated water. It takes three years to get an organic certificates, after all strict procedures have been followed. 

Fertilizers and pesticides

Organic Manure

No tea can be made by itself, and sometimes tea needs a lot of help to getting the best possible result. This is when organic is especially important. Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, all all strictly forbidden in growing organic tea. This means you won't be stuffing your body with toxic substances hidden beneath the flavor of tea. 

Soil problems

Soil soaks up everything it is fed with. We literally feed the ground with chemicals and expect good things to grow out from it. Soil where tea is grown has to undergo a strict examination as well. It has to be free of all potentially dangerous substances. Organic farming cares both for the consumer by providing the healthiest and the most natural tea possible, for workers by not exposing them to dangerous chemicals, and for environment by keeping it clean and healthy. 

So, is drinking organic Assam tea always the best choice?

Choosing organic doesn't always be the best options, it really depends on the plantation, processes used and people involved in the process. But, choosing organic from Assam is almost mandatory if you want carefree, flavorful, quality tea.

With the changing ratio of organic to non organic farmers, there are many options arising around the world, not only in India, and appreciation for getting closer to the nature is in high rise. Still, non-organic producers are still leading the industry, and slowly changing as the scandals keep popping out. This is especially true for Assam tea. Is choosing organic Assam tea always the best choice? Yes it is, both for you, your health and workers involved in the process of production.

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