The price of the tea

Have you ever wondered why some teas are expensive and some are more affordable, if not even cheap? Do you think there is a connection between rare and expensive and low quality and cheap teas? Read more and we will make you think twice. 

While we won't go into economic side of tea prices nor the process of choosing the right price and all factors that influence it, we would like to present few common factors that are important when we talk about the price and quality of teas:

  • tea availability or quantities produced
  • the cost of tea production
  • organic tea production
  • how many steps it needs to arrive at your door 

Tea Garden Zone

Why some tea is more expensive than other is highly influenced with their availability. Therefore, even the size of a tea production area will result in it's price. India has a great importance in world tea production, it's the second world's tea producing country, and with its large tea fields, it is possible to produce larger quantities of teas. Tea in India is so important that even the whole time zone in Assam is dictated by tea – it is called Tea Garden Zone. 

The cost of tea production

The price of the tea is different in each country. Price is also influenced by the cost of living, cost of workers and whole production process. Assam has been targeted in media for unfair wages given to farmers who made tea production possible in the first place. We pay a lot of attention that our farmers were not deprived with unfair earnings. 

Organic is the forgotten rule

Going organic is highly sought by many tea farmers today. Organic farming was a common practice until we became to modern and forgotten our connection with nature. We have put an effort to provide only organic teas that will make you fall in love with nature again. For us, organic is a way of life. We want to make sure you will be completely satisfied with the tea drinking experience we offer. 

From tea farmers to tea shops

Providing teas directly from tea farmers reduces the number of steps needed to deliver it to your door. When tea has to pass through many hands before reaching you, it makes it more expensive. No rarely is that kind of tea repacked and badly stored, with some exceptions. The ideal situation would be to buy tea directly from a tea farmer, but not many tea farmers provide such an opportunity. This is why we have collected the best organic tea farmers in Assam to make a unique tea shop where our tea only has to make two steps to end in your teapot. 

Tea does not need to be expensive to be high quality and handcrafted. The most important is the effort put into growing and production.

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