This Is What A Cup of Herbal Tea Does To Your Health. Look Inside.

Health is wealth - something we’ve learned in school by rote, but how many of us really follow it. The increasingly sedentary lifestyles and bad dietary choices are robbing you of all the goodness, making you sicker than ever. We fear, good health will not be plentiful for our generation if this continues. Having said that, we can’t really do much about our work schedules in this competitive world. But, we can certainly change the contents of our platter. Or, our cups may be!

Out of all the beverages we know, a cup of tea has amazing health benefits. Researchers have suggested teas as having polyphenols that are rich in flavonoids - an antioxidant substance that boosts the defence mechanism in the body. Moreover, teas are great antimicrobial agents as well and work by limiting the spread of microorganisms in the body. And, these benefits are just on the tip to what teas can actually do. When mixed with spices and herbs, these tea-based infusions and decoctions have great medicinal value and bring relief from diseases as mild as cough and cold and as chronic as diabetes and high cholesterol.

By now, there’s enough clarity on the many upsides of tea consumption and why we should drink it routinely when we’re too occupied to pay any attention to our falling health.

Different Tea Types and Their Health Benefits

There are over 3000 varieties of teas available across the world. We will discuss the basic ones first, though, which are Green, Black and White teas. These are pure brewing luxuries, rich in Camellia Sinensis plant, found in parts of India and China and have flavonoids to strengthen immunity and improve metabolism. The most efficacious of them is ECGC, a catechin known to be a barrier to radicals that aggravate heart conditions and cancer. These teas also help in enhancing mental agility owing to good concentration of theanine in them. And yes, caffeine is also an important constituent.

In the next two minutes, you’ll learn about the health-giving properties of Green, White and Black teas. Read on! 

Green Tea: Green tea is already a rage, for the positive word of mouth it’s receiving lately. Being rich in flavonoids, green tea promotes good health by preventing artery clogging, cutting down the bad cholesterol levels, reducing oxidative stress on brain and improving heart health. 

Indian green tea


White Tea: With same constituents as green tea, though greater in quantity, white tea is instrumental in improving good cholesterol levels, burning fat and boosting metabolism. It is also said to be an effective remedy for cancer.

white tea


Black Tea: Being a fermented tea, black tea has a high concentration of caffeine. There’s evidence to suggest that black teas have been effective in counteracting lung damage, triggered by smoking, and heart strokes.

Indian black tea

Herbal Teas - The Best Prevention Against Lifestyle Diseases

There’s a sharp increase in the rise of lifestyle disorders, taking us to the devastating effects. Our work schedules have affected our sleep schedules. We’re taking too much junk food. And, smoking and drinking are grave addictions, contributing to the development of acute health illnesses. And unfortunately, we’re so seriously caught up in the spiral that there’s no exit to get out. But, we can’t stop trying. Just the way how a non-swimmer doesn’t stop struggling through water when he’s drowning.

We aren’t asking you to change your lifestyles wholly. We’re just asking to make some little additions to bring quality back. And, what can be a better start to the plan than embracing herbal teas?

Unlike green and black teas, herbal teas have comparatively low caffeine count. And, their benefits solely depend on the kinds of plants they’re extracted from. Let’s learn about the most common types of herbal teas and how they work in keeping various health hazards at bay.

Ginger Tea: Perhaps the easiest, most common and favorite of them all, ginger tea is a great medical solution to preventing cough and cold, nausea, motion sickness and vomiting. While preparing your tea, just add a piece of ginger root and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Chamomile Tea: Insomnia, digestive problems, diabetes, bronchitis and cancer growth are some health complications, which can be relieved by drinking chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea India

Hibiscus Tea: Hibiscus tea is a great restorative drink for high blood pressure levels. Studies have proven that any patient with high blood pressure levels must consume three cups of hibiscus tea for positive health effects.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) Tea: A popular herbal tea, known for treating cold and flu, respiratory disorders, lung problems and heart diseases. Drinking holy basil tea can also help elevate your concentration levels and brain alertness. 

Lemongrass Tea: Stave off gastric troubles and boost your metabolism by adding a dab of lemongrass into your tea preparation. Lemongrass tea is also recommended for cleaning your system, improving blood circulation, curing skin problems and bloating.

Rose Tea: Researches have suggested that rose tea is great for treating menstrual pain, abdominal issues and digestive problems. It’s rich in Vitamin C content, which makes it a potential skin remedy. Rose Tea is also effective in cleansing your system, stress issues and, can also prompt weight loss.

Jasmine Tea: Jasmine tea is a natural antioxidant which boosts your system. It also has cardiovascular and cancer relieving properties.

Mint Tea: Mint tea is recommended for chill and nausea. Add a dab of peppermint into your tea preparation and cure gastric functions and bloating.

Mint tea

These are some commonly known herbal teas and their enriching benefits. When taken as a part of your usual day, they can amazingly bring you to the better side of life. If you’re weight-conscious, we advise you to pick a right herbal tea for yourself instead of those detox teas, backed by known celebrities trending on Instagram. Detox teas contain Senna, a laxative, which increases your urge to take more fluids as you start feeling dehydrated and causes inflammation in the lining of your bowels. This is only an occasional solution to weight loss, not a permanent one.

Herbal Tea India

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