Assamica Agro's Organic Black Tea has Made its way to your Cozy Bedroom as your Morning Bed Tea

The leaves of Assam tea come from the Camellia Sinensis and a fine tea brewed from it is very relishing, especially in the mornings. The state of Assam is the largest producer of black tea in India and about one in five people here are employed in tea production. This tea variety is exported to many countries and many tea blends use it as an important ingredient.

Why Assam Tea?

Refresh yourself with a refreshing cup of Assam tea every morning, which offers a fresh and invigorating taste. Try out this rich tea variety which is slowly making its way as a favourite beverage to be enjoyed at bed in the early morning.

Assamica Agro’s Organic Black Tea – A Replacement For Morning Coffee

We all love to have that hot cup of coffee in the morning as it springs us up and removes sleepiness. However, did you now that black tea is a really good replacement of coffee, since it has a good amount of caffeine, coupled with its numerous health benefits makes it a better drink than coffee in the mornings. Just try out Assamica Agro’s organic black tea and transform your mornings completely!

Health Benefits Assamica Agro’s Assam Tea

You might ask what's so special about Assamica Agro’s Black Tea that cannot be experienced in other tea varieties. When you compare our organic black tea with other varieties, you will be amazed at how much more health benefits it offers and also at its amazingly low price. This particular tea variety has a malty flavor, strong body and a very bright colour. Drinking it enhances antioxidants into the blood stream which is known to boost the immunity system. It is also known to bring down risk of heart disease and enhance blood circulation. Its antioxidants
also help to reduce cell damage which reduces the ageing process. It relieves tension and relaxes the nerves, bringing down the risk of Alzheimer's disease. It also has the ability to strengthen teeth and fight cavities. Bring such health benefits into your life by enjoying Assamica Agro’s 100% pure, hand-made
Assam tea grown by small scale tea growers. We offer it not only in its pure black tea form but also as blends through infusion of herbs such as Thulasi, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Lavender, Hibiscus, Rose and much more.

Organically Grown 

The multifarious health benefits of Assam black tea are brought to you through Assamica Agro’s farmers who grow them using only organic farming practices, which preserve its nutritional value. Yes, our tea leaves are organically grown without modern fertilisers or chemical treatments. Our aim is to popularise this tea variety through its health benefits whose production serves as a livelihood for many people in the state.

Buy organic Assam Tea at Assamica agro today! 

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