Top 8 Benefits of White Tea You Must Know!

The processing method is the real point of division between various teas made from ingenious Camellia Sinensis plant. What happens between plucking and processing of Sinensis leaves gives a unique taste, colour and aroma to each of the tea variety, from Green, black to oolong tea.

However, white tea is one of the unusual types emerging from the parent Sinensis plant. It’s extracted from the silver-ish fine white hairs from the unopened plant buds, and undergoes basic withering through air drying or mechanical drying methods, thus requiring minimal processing. The resulting beverage is generally yellow in colour with a sweet, mild flavour, which is why white tea is unusually referred to as the ‘less potent version of tea’.

A lesser known fact about white tea is that it’s a powerhouse of antioxidants, making it effective against a number of health problems. This blog discusses the top 8 benefits of white tea and why you should consume it more.


Health Benefits of White Tea

  1. White Tea and Heart Health

White tea is a rich source of polyphenols that have heart-helping properties. These compounds help in relaxing blood vessels and boosting body immunity, thereby preventing cholesterol from oxidizing and enhancing heart health.

  1. White Tea and Weight Loss

Only a few seem to know that white tea is just as effective as green tea when it comes to accelerating weight loss. The levels of caffeine and catechins in white tea boost body metabolism by promoting the breakdown of fat cells and formation of new cells, which eventually helps in rapid calorie burn.

  1. White Tea and Dental Health

White tea contains a high proportion of catechins, tannins, and fluoride. These components cumulatively help fight bacteria responsible for the formation of dental cavities and plaque.

  1. White Tea and Insulin Resistance

Insulin is a critical body hormone that controls sugar levels in the body and facilitates the movement of nutrients from the bloodstream to the be used now or stored for later. However, as a result of certain health and lifestyle issues, including high sugar consumption, some people stop responding to insulin. Studies have found that the polyphenols present in white tea lower the risk of insulin resistance and improve blood sugar control in the body.

  1. White Tea and Skin Ageing

White tea contains essential compounds that protect the skin from both internal and external ageing. When applied topically to skin externally, white tea extracts protect the skin from harmful damage caused by UV sun rays. Internally, white tea extracts suppress the cellular components which might damage the essential fibre network, thereby impacting the firmness and tautness of skin. There have been individual studies proving the efficacy of white tea in promoting skin health.

  1. White Tea and Acne

With strong antioxidant and antiseptic properties, white tea is instrumental in controlling skin damage caused by the presence of free radicals. Consuming white tea on a daily basis or applying it topically flushes out the toxins that contribute to acne, thereby eliminating skin blemishes fast and naturally.

  1. White Tea and Skin and Hair Health

High concentration of antioxidants and ECGC in white tea is a strong cure for multiple skin and hair problems. ECGC is known to act against gram-negative bacteria, which are responsible for several skin infections. The high phenol content in white tea strengthens the elastin and collagen under the skin, thus preventing wrinkles to a large extent

       8. White Tea and Treatment of Diabetes

Various studies have found that white tea is a proactive remedy against diabetes. The beverage limits the negative impacts of diabetes on the cerebral cortex, a part of the human brain that controls consciousness in the human body.'


Final Words

Apart from what all have been mentioned above, white tea is also known for enhancing energy levels and improving alertness for good concentration. Consuming it once a day is a lifestyle move you’ll never regret. Try it today. Assamicaagro has the best quality of white tea available at convenient rates. Explore our offerings here. Buy White Tea now!

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