Tulsi Green Tea: More Than Your Spiritual Drink

Tulsi Green Tea - TRULY INDIA

People dig deep into the history books to appreciate Tulsi to the highest extent. For over 5000 years, India has revered the beloved herb, considering it to be holy. It has healing powers that are unsurpassed, and it keeps its importance over the years as its wonders are passed on from generation to generation. Nowadays, with the advent of modern technology, Tulsi has become more than just a holy herb. Its importance has now crossed successfully from spiritual, all the way to medical. And as India continues its movement towards organic products, Tulsi has become a staple ingredient in every health buff's diet.

No wonder, India has blended teas that include Tulsi. In fact, Tulsi Green Tea is considered one of the best drinks to cure even the most common, seemingly hard to avoid sicknesses. More will be discussed in a bit. What is important now is to note where we can purchase high quality, truly healthy, affordable Tulsi Green Tea. Thankfully, the Holy Herb we've all come to revere is now in the form of a nutritious drink, courtesy of Assamica Agro!

Assamica Agro - The Best Organic Tulsi Green Tea

Much has been said about Assamica Agro's Tulsi Green Tea. The nutritious goodness of green tea is mixed with the unique flavor of Tulsi to come up with the best blend the well loved herb has to offer! The perfect Tulsi Green Teabags are made from absolutely 100% cotton, which preserves the natural taste and prevents artificial flavors from being mixed. Perhaps this is the reason why Assamica Agro Tulsi Green Tea is the considered the best in the industry. The leaves' natural flavor is preserved; absolutely 0% is artificial.

For under 2 US dollars, customers can now purchase 10 full leaf tulsi green tea bags. What's even more convenient is that the purchase can be made online at www.assamicaagro.in. Everything you need to know about the best Tulsi Green Tea in India can be found here. Not only can you order your tea bags conveniently online, but you can also have them delivered right at your front door. 

Truly, the whole experience is a convenient and easy one. Just go online, and enjoy your favorite Tulsi Green Tea cup. The company is small but it has the biggest dreams to ensure that it serves the best tasting tea that is truly world class. They are a friendly bunch whom you can approach easily and comfortably, should you have any query.

The Benefits of Drinking Organic Tulsi Green Tea

Assamica Agro ensures that its tea bags are completely natural. Its tea farmers use sustainable organic farming techniques to naturally grow its tea leaves, and it translates well into every tea bag it produces. Because of this full natural process, drinkers are on their way to better overall health. Among the health benefits of drinking Assamica Agro Tulsi Green Tea are:

It beats fever – Tulsi is known to be a great germicidal and anti-bacterial herb. It can successfully cure fevers experienced by people from all ages. Drinking Tulsi Green Tea enhances the herb's healing prowess.

It battles diabetes – Substances that battle diabetes include eugenol and caryophyllene. These are found in Tulsi Green Tea. These help maintain a person's blood sugar levels to manageable levels.

It saves the heart – Eugenol also helps the body lower its cholesterol levels. Tulsi Green Tea drinkers who habitually consume their favorite tea are known to be safer from heart diseases.

It wins against stress – Most of all, drinking Assamica Agro Green Tea helps busy people cope with stress. It's a well known fact that sicknesses begin with stress. Cortisol is the ultimate stress hormone, and controlling it in your body is the key to a stress free life. A cup of Tulsi Green Tea does this magnificently.

Tulsi is more than just a holy herb. It's a saving grace for all of us, health wise. Experience its medical wonders by having your own cup of Assamica Agro Tulsi Green Tea. Try some today.

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