Lemongrass Green Tea: Tea That Fits Everyone's Taste


Lemongrass green tea is a very refreshing drink, one that never loses its popularity. Unlike other drinks, this flavor has it all – the soothing and mellow lemon aroma, combined with a warm and truly stimulating finish.

Lemongrass Green Tea Fits Everyone's Taste

Lemongrass green tea has very low caffeine content, but it perks up the sleepyhead in people quite effectively. Most of all, it is so easy to prepare. Even the most inexperienced lovers of this drink can stir up a few cups in an instant. No wonder men and women alike consider this as their favorite hot cup. Yes, everyone loves lemongrass green tea, and people just can't get enough of it.

             Lemongrass green tea has that unique mild flavor, which appeals to drinkers young and old. Anyone who tastes a cup of lemongrass green tea will surely experience an exhilarating citrus flavored high. And with each teabag spacious enough for the tea to slowly infuse into the hot water, maximum flavor is achieved. It's perfect even for the health conscious, as its calorie count is practically negligible. The tea is made from handpicked tea leaves so quality is ensured. Perfectly safe even for people with existing medical conditions, a cup of top notch lemongrass green tea can now be yours at the most affordable prices. 

Have Your Own Cup Today! 

Drinking Lemongrass Green Tea 

            Don't fret, you are a few clicks away from savoring your favorite lemongrass green tea! Assamica Agro produces the best lemongrass green tea bags perfect for any occasion! Drinkers have commented on its quality, saying that lemongrass green tea is so minty and relaxing that they recommend it even to first time drinkers. The combination is so perfect, that one cup simply is not enough! 

            100% natural, Assamica Agro grows its tea leaves in north east India. With full green tea flavor, Assamica Agro produces only the finest green teabags, at the lowest prices in the market. At Rs. 85/-, a pack of 10 full leaf tea bags of lemongrass green tea is the cheapest one available! 3-4 such packs are good enough for a month's worth of refreshing, healthy tea goodness.

             With free shipping available, there is simply no other more convenient way to order your lemongrass green teabags sitting at your home. Just order a few packs and your orders will be well on your doorstep within 3-5 working days. Have your share today! 

Lemongrass Green Tea: Healthy, Not Just Tasty

Lemongrass Green Tea - Healthy Not Just Tasty

            It's such a treat to realize that something so flavorful and yummy can be just as healthy. A soothing cup of lemongrass green tea is jam-packed with so many vitamins. It has Vitamins A, B, C, and also contains folate, iron, potassium, and copper. Specifically, it fights anemia with its high iron content. It also battles cancer, as it contains many antioxidants that battle cancer cells. It helps cleanse digestive tracts, and is perfect also for diabetics who want to treat their pancreatic issues.

             A cup of lemongrass green tea help people maintain their cholesterol levels. It helps reduce the intestine's cholesterol absorbing process, and also dramatically decreases LDL-cholesterol oxidation in the bloodstream. People with high blood pressure also benefit from drinking this delicious cup of tea. Lemongrass naturally promotes diuresis, which is important in blood pressure maintenance. All these benefits and more can spring from a steady diet filled with lemongrass green tea. 

            Best of all, it purifies the entire body with its toxin eliminating wonders. People from all walks of life and all age groups not only enjoy the crowd favorite in tea flavors, but they also collect all the health benefits that its natural flavors possess. Can't wait to get your hands on lemongrass green tea and its benefits? Order your share at http://www.assamicaagro.in today!


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  • Detoxification of body is quite a popular health topic nowadays. I am sure that sharing this information about lemongrass green tea on my blog will help many readers! Thanks Assamica :)

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  • It is no wonder that Assamica Agro’s lemongrass green tea is one of the best products available here. Before trying this flavour, I have purchased a number of green tea products from different brands. However, the refreshing, unique and mild taste of Assamica Agro’s lemongrass green tea is simply the best one and so I definitely recommend it to everyone, even those who do not drink green tea often. Weight gain in holiday seasons is something quite common, especially when you have to attend several parties and get-togethers. Also, I suffer from bloating after those treats. Thanks to Assamica Agro’s lemongrass green tea, it hardly takes a few minutes to recover from those digestion problems and feel active and fresh. Not only this, but my parents also found this product effective in lowering their blood pressure without any side effects. I really appreciate Assamica Agro on its free home delivery service and economical prices of such beneficial products!

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