5 Grooming Benefits of Tea That Will Make You Sip Through Hot Cups Even More

You could be a tea purist. 

Someone who holds a piping hot cup of *brown gold* with heart eyes and great emotion; and someone who swears love for it by all they hold. 

Still, these grooming benefits of tea are something you never had a brush-up with before and will leave you pleasantly surprised. As you warm up to another tea session for the day, these benefits will give you a windfall of reasons to love your favorite drink even more. 

From soothing your tired eyes to adding more charm to you, there’s a nothing our *veteran* hot drink can’t help you with. 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

  1.  Tea moisturizes skin 

Did you know that tea helps in moisturizing your itchy, dry skin? Maybe not. Spraying cold, green tea acts as a potent moisturizer and help hydrate the skin on the face. Also, it deep-cleans the skin pores, revitalizes cells, and adds a refreshing glow, something we die to achieve amidst our hustling schedules, poor diets, and mounting air pollution.


  1. Tea adds volume to hair 

Who doesn’t love a great flowing mane? And, it’s relaxing to know that a thing as basic as black tea and green tea can help you have a luscious hair growth.

All you need to do is soaking up a cache in a bowl of water, pouring the mixture on hair, and rinsing it off after 10 minutes. Don’t forget to condition your hair after the complete therapy. While black tea prevents breakage, green tea adds strength to the follicles and promotes growth.


  1. Tea Kills Foot Odour

If your feet smell like a rat, tea is an amazing option to get rid of the stink. The process is simple - soak your feet in a solution made of black tea for 15-20 minutes each day - and eliminate the disgusting odor in a go. 

Also, applying tea can help alleviate the sticky, sweaty feel, and close the pores of the feet. This is attributable to the amazing antibacterial properties of tea.


  1. Tea Eliminates Eye Bags

Puffy, baggy eyes is a common malady mostly stemming out from problems called sleep deprivation and stress. However, to remedy this, just cool a bag of black tea by keeping it in a refrigerator and then, place it under the eyes.

 Tea is rich in caffeine, which stimulates the blood vessels under the eyes, opens them, and reduces the puffiness and dark circles.


  1. Tea Calms Down the Post-Shave Burn 

Men usually suffer from post-shave red rash and local swelling. If razor burn bothers you, the remedy lies in the kitchen - Black Tea. You just have to press a cool black tea on the affected area to eliminate the burning sensation on the face.




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