Organic Green Tea : A Healthier Choice

A lot of people have switched to organic green tea for its enormous health benefits. There is no doubt that it contains a higher proportion of antioxidants and nutrients than regular conventional green teas. We have compiled a list of major advantages of choosing organic green tea over conventional green tea.

Organic green tea contains more nutrients

It is often said that Organic food is much healthier than conventional food. Organic food product contains more nutrients and antioxidants than the usual conventional ones. This is very true in the case of organic green tea. People get sick because of two main reasons, the things they ingest and the things they experience, for example: stress. These both can be addressed by brewing a cup of organic green tea because it contains no harmful nutrients and it helps you get rid of stress or fatigue. Organic green tea contains many bioactive compounds which are proven to be beneficial for one’s health.

Organic Green Tea

According to one study in 2012, Presence of pesticides and fertilizers in green tea can do more harm than good in human body and it can shorten the lifespan of the user. So, make it a point to check that the green tea you buy is grown organically and preferably certified organic by a reputed organic certification agency

Organic green tea tastes better

Organic green tea has much better taste than the conventional green tea because it is grown in pure natural conditions which provide sustainable yield. These natural processes ensure a better quality taste apart from being packed with rich nutrients.

Organic tea farming is better for environment

Keeping our environment clean, healthy and green is our responsibility this is why the farming practices of organic green tea don’t include synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic tea farming only relies on the natural breakdown of organic matter. They are developed by using the techniques of green manure and composting. In this way, the nutrients in the soil are replaced with the previous crops and yielding nutrients stays in the soil for the growth of organic green tea during whole growing season. The soil stays out of harmful chemicals and gives us organic green tea with full of nutrients and antioxidants.

Organic tea cultivation is better for wildlife

Recent studies have shown that organic cultivation is better for wildlife’s survival. According to one survey, the organic field has five times as many wild plants, 57 percent more animal species, and 44 percent more birds than a conventionally cultivated farm. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides kill the potential non-target wildlife including insects, plants and sometimes animals and birds too in order to yield more production. Several reports of animal death are concluded via synthetic tea production in Asia back in 1999 to 2001.

Organic tea is better for farmer health

Many farmers and people in Asia grow their own fields of tea on small levels. Only a select few of them are family oriented organic tea farmers. Small scale organic tea farming ensures their protection from harmful chemicals which are used in synthetic fertilizers because they don’t have to come into contact with these harmful chemicals. On the other hand, spraying pesticides over crop without using proper gear can cause serious damage to the health of farmers. 


By providing a small review here, we have tried to emphasize the importance of organic farming & organic food and recommend people to buy organic green tea. Brew a better cup for a healthier you, healthier farmers and a happier earth.

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